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Our Story: Part 8

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 10 days. Idk why I thought 10 days in my head, honestly. No idea.

 Well.. actually, I think it was God. I told God, look 10 days and that is it. If we’re meant to be together then it will happen.

 And it did. :)

 Honestly… I can not remember what was said exactly, but I know that before those 10 days were up something changed between us. He must have known that I was ready to commit or move on. Because something happened to our relationship within those two days and we became “a couple.”

 And then we got married and lived happily ever after!!!

Oh, you want more? Geesh. Greedy people.

Alright well… Brannon and I would get to see each other probably every other weekend. Yes, that was extremelyyyyy hard. And it only got WORSE as time went on. I wont lie, I dont know how he dealt with me, because I turned into a whiny baby every time he left.

Well.. I think I kept it together okay for the first few months… we’d have to ask him on that one. I do know at the end I was a mess. He probably wanted to strangle me.

Anyways. Oh! You guys haven’t heard about our first kiss yet!

Well okay, lets do a recap:

April: Started talking
End of June: Started Dating
September: Became “Official”

 Still no kiss yet.

October… Nope.

 November came and I’m starting to think something is wrong with me! Why doesn’t this boy want to kiss me?! Gahhhh.

 Well around my house (at the time) there was a really nice walkway. We’d go out the front of the house and then you could walk down the road and get on the trail and it would make this big loop around the pond and one side of it would go down to a cute little park. There were houses that were a little bit around the trail to the park, but set back quite away.

 So one night we went on a walk, like would sometimes after we went out on a date and we didn’t want the night to be over yet. We started heading towards the little park and I stopped for a second because one of the houses had the funkiest pumpkin thing hanging from their fan and It caught my attention.

 Brannon steps in front of me and is being all cute and flirty and then yes… we finally had our first kiss! <3 *awww*
 Thank you weird neighbor for putting something weird on your ceiling fan.

Did I get butterflies? Honestly… no! I expected to, so maybe that’s why I didn’t. But was it amazing? Um. Yeah.

 Oh, and did I mention that this was my first kiss? I mean. Ever? … Yes. Brannon was the first boy I had ever kissed. <3


 This is one of the oldest pictures I can find on my computer. My mom has the first picture we ever took together as a couple. I’ll have to try and get her to find it for me. :)

 This was one night after we got done playing volleyball at the church. Hence looking sweaty and gross. But awe, look how little we were! This was probably in Januaryish 2008.

 So what do you want to hear next?
Oh, how about how we were in a long distance relationship for 2+ years?
Or how I almost screwed everything up and lost him?
Or our engagement story?
Our wedding story?

 Yeah, its coming. :) Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Le sigh. I love happy endings. What a great story! Also, I loooove your wedding photos. Someday you will have to let me look at all of them, and I’m sure there are a ton. ;) I think you should “interview” Brannon and see what he has to say about this time in your lives. Thank you for sharing, I loved this series! :) :)

  2. This is the most adorable story I have ever read in MY WHOLE LIFE. No Nicholas Sparks book can out do this. CUTTTTEEEEEE pictures and everything. This had the whole shebang. :)

  3. Ok, so I actually was all caught up on your story! I just like reading about it and your “what’s next” questions got me wanting more!! Can’t wait for the next “series”! :)

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