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Painting with a Twist – The Woodlands

painting party
Wednesday a group of us bloggers were invited out to Painting with a Twist- The Woodlands, to come have a party! Free painting, food, and wine? Yep- we’re in! I loved Painting with a Twist. I had been to one other painting and wine places before, and had fun. However, this place is my new favorite! There were so many GOOD pictures to paint. They have over 4,000 paintings that they are able to do for a class. So there is always going to be something new and pretty!

Each artwork was conceptualized and executed by the instructors with the idea of being an easy to follow piece of art for the inexperienced painter. The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals.

You don’t have to have any experience with painting, in fact, I think probably 99% of us girls had no idea what we were doing! There was one girl we kept hearing the teacher joking with that she knew what she was doing, but otherwise we were all just laughing our way through it. The instructor was great, and makes it so easy to follow along! They had about 3 extra instructors walking around to help anyone out if they needed it. And as you can tell from the picture above, everyone’s painting is slightly different, but everyone’s is beautiful and unique!

painting with wine
These are the ladies that started Painting with a Twist. They started it in New Orleans, right after Katrina. The storm flooded Deano’s house and destroyed Maloney’s husband’s three truck stops in Mandeville, La., but the two fundraising enthusiasts wanted to focus on helping their community recover. Once a month, each store donates a portion of the day’s sales to charity (they’re doing Wounded Warriors next month). They continued to grow and grow their business, turned it into a franchise, and now there are over 150 locations in 26 states!

woodlands painting party
I’m so glad Whitney was able to come with me! We had a great time.

houston bloggers group
painting with a twist woodlands
Have you ever gone to Painting with a Twist? Or a version of it? Did you have fun!?

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