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Today I am showing you some adorable stuff from a new Etsy shop called Paper Tie Affair. I know McKenzie, the owner of the shop, personally, and wanted to show off all her adorable cards, and prints!

I asked her a few questions about her shop, and why she started Paper Tie Affair  so keep reading and pop over to her shop to see some adorable and hilarious cards and prints.


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Paper Tie Affair is a boutique paper studio right here in Houston. We deliver custom paper goods for life events and everyday adventures. Our products feature a style and personality that is a bit bold and intricate with a smidgen of playfulness to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless. From stationery, to art prints, to invitations and announcements, we offer various styles, patterns, and colors. And the best part? Most of our products are available as printable, do-it-yourself printing, or ones we ship and print! (With the exclusion of greeting cards and limited editions. It was created as an alternative to overpriced stationery, because we believe beautiful design should accommodate any budget, so we have your party and wallet covered.

A cool thing about ordering from Paper Tie is that you’re not just ordering off the shelf here, our items our custom, handmade, and we are super easy to work with. We love nothing more than creating something tangible that represents the intangible – all the memories, laughter, dreams, and love – and sharing it with the world. Paper Tie Affair is where you’ll find the unordinary treasures… on paper.


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Why I started it:

It feels like this little shop has been years in the making. Ever since I was a little girl I have been enamored by happy, beautiful design. I went to school to become a graphic designer, in search of that sometimes-elusive creative high. You know, that feeling you get when you’ve put something new out into the world and shared it with others? Well, while in school for design, I got that feeling (even more than usual) while I was working on my senior design thesis on animal-human relationships. I realized I enjoyed skipping out on that real life corporatey work and just wanted to design things for fun!  

I’m obsessed with paper. No matter if it was some fancy die-cut, or just simple text on a sheet of paper. I have just always been in love with it! I truly believe life’s most memorable moments are best told through the little things in life, like a hand-written thank you card. My eyes glisten when I get snail mail, it’s just so fun to open! I like to think that we all have a creative drive, and its elemental to our lives today. I love the feeling of creating something awesome out of nothing, but have realized not everyone has the skills to do so. And of course we don’t all have the skills to do everything, what fun would that be? Don’t ask me to sing, I’ll just stay at my computer!

It was time to turn this obsession in to something feasible, which is why I opened shop. I have a high value of surrounding myself with beautiful things. I wanted to use the gift God blessed me with, and make beautiful designs for others: things they could place in homes or use at special occasions, or just a note to say hello.

I decided to make Paper Tie Affair be a shop where you can have the option of printables and printed designs. I’m a firm believer of do-it-yourself’s, as are others. It’s an alternative to overpriced stationery, because I think everyone needs great design, no matter what your budget is. Plus, I’m honestly a cheapie. I will do anything to save a buck when it comes to shopping. I love clearance racks. So I provide printables (in most designs) to help others save a few bucks. And my printed designs are all on beautiful, high-grade paper, still surprisingly affordable. I like options. My shop has tons of them!


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Why I chose the name:

Wow, names are hard to pick. I’m glad I haven’t had to name a child yet; I think they would have five first names, I’m so indecisive.

I thought of countless business names, and nothing clicked. I then started thinking about adding “affair” in my shop name, really just because my boyfriend (I guess we are really “common-law-married” now?!) has always said I was cheating on him with my computer. And I think it’s true. I’m glued to it – designing in my sleep. Okay not really, but I do spend way to many hours sitting at my desk.

So with that in mind, as well as the fact that I wanted to create an affair that celebrates my unique style and spirit, I decided on the name Paper Tie Affair. I think it’s cute. And it’s not changing now!


paper tie affair

Bree here!

So basically- I need a bachelorette party to go to because 1) Party!! 2) I want to give them that card!

Here’s where you can find all of these goodies online:

Website  |  Etsy Shop  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest


Want your shop to show up on my blog and sidebar? Send me an email!

breepair at gmail dot com

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