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photo apps you should use

I am always asking people what photo apps they use. Its not just a simple thing of taking a picture and immediately uploading it to Instagram anymore is it y’all? You want your picture  more vibrant, you want it with white on the edges, and you want it to have gorgeous text on it!

Don’t be overwhelmed- I’m here to give you the scoop on what apps you need to download, and what they can do for you! All of these apps are available on iTunes and the Google Play store.

1. Snap Seed

Snapseed app review

Now this app is the best for adjusting your pictures look. You have full control. Think of it as a little photoshop app for your phone, only super super simple to use! I tend to use the “auto adjust” button, and it turns out great, and then you can go through and tweak brightness, contrast, or even specific points on the picture. There are also filters that you can use.  This is my #1 must have photo app!



2. Instasize

instasize app review

Instagram is by far my favorite social media application. But sometimes, I take a picture and I. Don’t. Want. To. Crop. It! (I know you know what I mean!) That is where instasize comes in. The easiest app to use. All you do is upload the picture, click “instasize” and bada bing bada boom, you’re picture is ready in all its beauty for instagram!

instasize app demo


3. A Beautiful Mess


Alright, now you’ve got your picture edited beautifully, it’s the right size for instagram, but now you want it to have some bling? A cute little “lovely” written across your picture in handwriting? Or a cute little doodle of a bicycle? Then download this app. It has a lot of cute little hand-drawn doodles for you to place on your picture, an option to write out your own text, and a few filters as well. (if going filter cray cray is your thing)

abeatifullmess app review


4. Rhonna Designs

rhonna designs app review

Want to do more than just layer a couple hand drawn doodles? Then this app is going to be right up your alley. This app has so many things you can layer on! Words, graphics, designs, so so much! Prepare to spend hours on this app!



5. 1 Second a Day

1secondAday app review

Now this is my new favorite app! If you take videos constantly, or want to start taking more videos, this will be like candy to you! It’s the best way to document your life. 1 second a day. That’s all! All you have to do is make sure you take a short video of something you’re doing each day, and then whenever you’re ready, go into the app, click on the dates you have videos for, select 1 second from that video, and you’re done! Then after a certain amount of time (maybe a vacation, a month, or a whole year!) you will select those dates and it will compile them into one video for you!



Did I miss any that you use constantly? Or do you think you’ll download one of these now and give it a go?

-Happy Monday-

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