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Picture re-cap

I haven’t gotten to share any new pictures with you guys in a while.. I had a fabulous holiday season and I am so bummed its over with! Cherish each and every moment and make them last for as long as you can!




Our first Christmas pictures by OUR tree! Please note these were at 2am Christmas day… or rather the 26th. lol. Tired & Cute? totally. :)

We spent Christmas Day with my family. Stayed the night on Christmas Eve at my parents, played games and stayed up super late! Duh… what else do you do Christmas Eve?

Woke up early and had a yummmy breakfast casserole! Thanks mom! And then opened presents. At my families house we stay up late, sleep in late, and start opening presents around 11am. Then we open presents, but we only open them one person at a time. So one person will open one, then we take turns opening one, until we’ve all opened them all. :) Does anyone else do it this way? I love it! It takes hours, but we have so much fun. :)

Then that night when we got home after 1am, Brannon & I exchanged presents. *See pictures above!*

The next morning we got up early. 9am is early if you were up until 2am. And we packed our stuff up and drove to Louisiana to visit with his family and some of our friends.

After a super sleepy car ride we arrived and went out to eat at a local family favorite, called Tony’s.


IMG_0009 (Brannon & His dad)

Once finished there we headed over to his aunt and uncle’s house for presents. :)


Being silly with Brannons Aunt. :) I love her. <3



Look how cute we are. :) Even after over 3 hours of driving. lol



Be on the lookout tomorrow for more pictures, including Brannons Birthday & Fun on New Years Eve!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. You two are super cute. We open presents one at a time at my mom’s house. There are 10 of us, and we’ve had years when it has taken 6 hours! We’ve even had times when we’ve stopped to eat lunch, then gone back to finish up!

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