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1// I love this but I think it would be too short, so I would add some legs to it or cute roller things. Ya know? :)

2// Lovee this! My friend Jennifer made curtain rods out of pipes like this.

3// How many times do we do this? Me? Constantly.

4// This show makes me happy. So glad it came on last night. IMO it should come on every night!

5// Confession: I do not have a chalk board anywhere in my house. #smh

6// This dress is gorgeous! Would you believe she made it for $5 out of an old ugly skirt?


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Awww girlll you linked to me!! So sweet! Thank you!
    You don’t have a chalkboard?! We must do something about that! There is a lady I’m doing some work for who has a killer idea I am going to execute for her. She wants to take a pallet that has 7 panels/boards and use the 7 boards for each day of the week. Hang the pallet on the wall as is, but the face of each board would be a chalkboard. Awesome right?! I’m excited. We’re going to try and get some pallets soon, so hopefully I can get you one for a project.
    Also…I have chalkboard paint, so you can come over sometime and we can make you a chalkboard! Just find something cool to make it on! :)

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