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Pinterest Addict

 Have you gotten into the craze that is pinterest? If you have not, I don’t know whether to tell you to stay away or to hurry right on over and sign up!! Because it is extremely addicting! Last night my sister and I were up until 2am her time, and 1am my time on pinterest!

 It is amazing because you will find something as creative as this:

  ** If you have an old trunk you don’t want, I will send you my address and shipping money and you can send it my way!! I just love this and want to try it so bad. :)

 Or maybe, you will find something on pinterest really funny and adorable like this:

**If I ever have a kid… He will get dressed up in something adorable and crazy like this for Halloween! 

So, that’s all I am going to show you, because I could sit here and show you 1,000s of images I have saved. But the cool thing about pinterest is that pictures hold links to recipes, or diy tips! I have gotten so many ideas, and you will find things created around my house that I have done because I found them on pinterest.
Go check it out! www.pinterest.com And leave your email in a comment on this blog and I will send you an invite, because right now you have to be invited to join. Kinda like how facebook used to be. I am sure in the near future it will be much easier to join though!

 ps- There is an app for it too!

New things going on in the lives of Mr. & Lady Pair. . .

 – Brannon is doing great at work! I am so glad that he likes working there, and so glad its not a long drive for him! He is also training for another 1/2 Marathon. *o my* Its the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in San Antonio on November 13th. I will be there with bells on, and a big sign that says “RUN BRANNON RUN!”

-I have been busy with school. Taking 4 classes this semester. 3 of which are international business classes. *gah!* Lots of reading happening to say the least. Also, I have been trying to get my business up and booming!! So if you haven’t stopped by please do, and tell your friends.


To all of our distant friends and family… Brannon and I miss you all and are lonely without you. Everyone should move to Houston! :)

 Until next time!


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