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So, I have done absolutely nothinggg to our guest bathroom since we’ve moved in. I’ve bought rugs and towels and that is about it. Its in desperate need of a little TLC. I don’t want to spend a lot of money though- i.e. less than $100. It needs to be repainted, but its just got to get in line with all the other rooms that need to be painted.

So here is my plan: 1) New Shower Curtain. 2) Towel Hanging Rod. 3) Pictures/Prints for above towel rod & toilet. 4) Cute glass containers for sink. 5) Frame the mirror?

All in under $50. That’s the challenge. :) I can’t wait to share before and after pictures with you guys. For now, here is some inspiration that I’ve gained from Pinterest. Okay… maybe a little bit of bathroom lusting as well.


Yes- I am going to go with a grey color palette. The rugs and towels I have are green, so I plan on adding grey, and neutral colors throughout.

And just because we’re talking about bathrooms, lets all close our eyes and dream that we had this bathroom…



Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I have that same double bathtub pic pinned and I so wish I had it for real! The only thing is that I wish it gave you an option to make it one whole bath when you wanted to. I love bathrooms, I’ve always liked to visit them everywhere I go since I was a little girl. I guess I see them as kind of a little sanctuary in the house.

    I’m sure you’ll find even more great inspiration on Pinterest!

    New Mama Diaries

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