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Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things!

  1. This t-shirt. Casual, comfy, and cute! Perfect for back to school. :))
  2. These Canvas Toms. I need these for back to school in the fall. :)) They’ll go with everything, and I love canvas!! Love. Love. Love.
  3. This journal looks like sooo much fun! Want!!
  4. This Dress! How cute, right!? Its amazing. I love the mustard and stripes and leather belt. Its beautiful.
  5. Mixed media. I’ve been teaching myself how to do this, and this is such a beautiful piece of art!
  6. This summer outfit. Loveee lace, I need to find this top.
  7. Um, how amazing is this wall!? And sooo simple. Paint chips! <3
  8. The absolute truth. I could live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and I wouldn’t care as long as hubs was with me. <33
  9. I loveee this fabric folder! And so simple to make, new sew! I’m going to have to make some of these before school starts.

I’m talking about going back to school, a lotttt right?! I’m ready for the semester to start. :))

Did you link up for Pinteresting Wednesday today? :))

12 Responses

  1. Those natural colored toms are what our groomsmen wore for the wedding.. and super cute so you NEED to invest in them asap!!!

    That dress is so you girlie!! I can totes picture you in it!

    xoxo, Bev

  2. That jean short & tank outfit is so dang cute!! It looks like the blue tank is from American Eagle so maybe that’s where the lace top is from too?

  3. I totally have that print framed in my house. My version has a little more color involved, but the same quote. Following you from the GFC hop.

  4. I love the lace top over the solid tank! I think I even have it pinned myself…

    New follower from the GFC blog hop, I’m so glad you’re co-hosting! Because I am falling in big puffy heart love with your blog. Ps, I love rock climbing too! But haven’t found a place around here to do it yet :(


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