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Pinterest Travel & A Giveaway


I’ve got the travelin’ bug…

1// England. Yes. Please. Fill my days with the city, history, and culture. And they’ll all speak English so I won’t have to worry about an interpreter? Awesome!

2// Rome. I would have to travel to Rome lastly (with France) so that I could pull out my fat pants for the rest of the trip. Because in Rome I will eat all the bread I want, and fresh homemade pasta while sitting outside people watching. I will be in love with the cobble stone, architecture, and the history of the city. I will love it here.

3// Paris. I will be walking non stop just to catch all of the sites. And then walking even more at night to view the sites when it they are lit up at night! I will carry my notebook with me and walk along all of the bridges in the city and stop to jot down the things I see and do. All while drinking my coffee and eating an enormous amount of French pastries.

4// Prague. Ah Prague. You are so beautiful, I can’t wait to be here. I have family in Prague so they will take me to every single place I need to see. I want to walk along that bridge and just be in awe of the beautiful red roofs. And visit all of the wonderful little clothing boutiques that my aunt says I will fall in love with. I will spend too much money in this city, I know. I will save my travel pennies for when I arrive here.

5// St. Lucia. You (and Greece) I will travel to first so that I will still look good in my swimsuit. Because after Rome we both know that won’t be lookin’ so hot. I can’t wait to see the beautiful waterfalls and lay in the sun looking at the mountains.

6// Greece. You may be a crazy country to live in, but oh my, I can’t wait to visit. I will live on the ocean and take pictures of the beautiful white city. I will deepen my tan from St. Lucia and eat the most amazing Gyros in the world. Good times are awaiting in Greece, I will have to bring my friend Anna along so she can be our tour guide and translator.


Oh hey, Houston. . . You’re about to give us the summer from hades aren’t you?


I think we need a giveaway since I’m being jolted back into reality after this blog post.

How about a $50 gift card to help you purchase a pair of TOMS Sunglasses like these…




I love my TOMS sunglasses so much that I wanted to give you guys a $50 gift card to help you purchase your own. I know they can be kinda expensive but here’s the low down on them…

  • Um, they look amazing on! (see picture above, yeow!)
  • They are veryyy comfortable!
  • AND! When you purchase a pair of TOMS sunglasses, just like their shoes, its One-for-One! Toms will give glasses to someone in need!
  • Plus, if you win this giveaway I’m helping you to get a pair to help someone in need! … say that 5x fast. :)

Giveaway winner will be announced next Wednesday, so check back to see if you’re the lucky one!

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  1. I would love to go to Australia! I would wear black glitter TOMS. Had no idea TOMS sold sunglasses but I would have to try them on because its hard to find a pair (in general) that fits my face and looks good

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