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Plank Challenge

So, I don’t talk about fitness a whole lot here on the blog. But it is a part of my life. I have a blog that a friend and I started called Operation Definition. We’re looking to start it back up again in a couple weeks, blogging regularly. It helps to motivate us. We’ve been friends since we were kids, and we are each others “long-distance” workout buddies. Always encouraging each other to eat healthy and be fit.

One thing that I have a trouble with is working out my abs! I even asked my sister what body part she wanted to fix the most was, and she said her abs. I get every other body part in, but for some reason I keep missing this. Weird right? It seems that’s what most girls focus on. Idk what my deal is. But I am doing this challenge and I’m going to force myself to focus!

So, I am starting this challenge today. And that puts me exactly 30 days out from the end of February. So by March 1st I should see a HUGE difference! This challenge is unlike any I have seen on Pinterest- because we made it different. :)

You can follow me on our fitness instagram profile – I will try and post updates as often as I can!
If you’re joining me, please let me know so we can encourage each other. And I suggest taking a picture the day you start and the day you end the 30 day challenge and see the results. Its really hard to tell change in our bodies because we look at ourselves every day. Its amazing what happens when you do it with pictures. And so motivating!

Good Luck!
And Happy Thursday!

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