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 I feel like I just said something similar to this.

 Today at my school, there was a stabbing. It was horrible, traumatizing, and unbelievable.

 It could have easily been me, or my sister. It happened right outside of her classroom, right where I have waited for her to get out of class. For some reason today, I decided not to wait for her and went home instead.

 Thank you God.

 Otherwise, it could have been me.

 It happened right outside of her classroom, she saw the guy running back and forth in front of the classroom door, and heard the screams of the students whom he stabbed. Thank you God for the locks on those doors and for keeping her in the classroom the entire length of class.

 4 students were life flighted, and I read on the news that 2 are in critical condition. 10 others have also been injured, and hundreds have been traumatized. So please say a prayer for our campus, and for my sister, who is still shaken by this even worse than me. She was locked in the classroom until they cleaned up some of the scene. She still heard the screams and saw the blood and I sure wish I could erase that from her memory for her.

 Thank you God, for keeping us safe.

 “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, 
the God of angel armies is always by my side.”
 – Chris Tomlin

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  1. Wow! I am so sorry to hear about such a traumatic day. Thank you for sharing your story – I love to see how God works. As sad as the situation is, I love the stories of how someone should have been right in the action yet something was different that day. Glad you are both OK.

  2. I heard that this happened at Lone Star and immediately thought of you. I hope that you two can work your way through this. I’m so sorry :( <3

  3. Emily from Oh Hello, Love sent me your way to send my thoughts and love. I had chills reading this, and I am so, so very sorry that your sister and you were subjected to such a horrific situation. Sending love and strength. xoxox

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you and your sister are safe! What an awful thing to experience. My younger sister experienced something similar and I thanked God more than I ever had in my life for her safety.

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