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Random Tuesday

 Wow! Have those of you that use blogger.com for your Blog updated for the new blogger? Its pretty neat! I love the new layout for writing blogs. It is now in the center of my screen like a word document! *happy dance*

 I must admit, I am pretty excited for tomorrows, “Oh, How Pinteresting” post! I have found a lot of cute things recently. *sigh* Can’t wait to start making some money after school!

 Here are a few random things about today:

1. Suuuper tired! Goodness.
2. Here is a picture of me sitting in my illustrator class, trying not to fall asleep. ZZZZzzzzZZzzzz Thank you, God, for my new gel pens! <3

Gel Pen <3

3. Sometimes I worry that I am not creative enough. Trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and to find my “style.” When will this happen???
4. Me, on my way to get Starbucks, so I can stay awake for the rest of the day!

Happy Starbucks Day!

5. I did 50 squats yesterday with weights and now I am super sore. Like, the kind of sore where its hard to sit in a chair? Its pathetic. I gotta do them more often.
6. Yay! Got some caffeine without the calories! Tazo Green Tea Unsweetened (caffeinated of course), with two packets of Splenda.

7. In other news… there are gnats in my house. They must have come in on some fruit. Ugh. No matter how clean I keep everything, or how many I kill they will NOT go away! *cries* If anyone has any tips, pleeeeeeeease share! Thinking about fogging the house this weekend, to get rid of them.

 How was your Tuesday? Anything fun to share? :)

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