Alright gang, I am seriously ready for some real fall weather. It has me contemplating trying to move to another state. I think I’m wanting fall so bad because we didn’t even have winter last year! We had Summer, a couple months of Fall, then Spring for a month or two, then Summer again! I am praying for a good winter this year, I want to be able to wear my winter coat more than one time!!

This Northern girl is still not used to Southern winters.

So picture 1, 3, 4, and 5 are all from this new site that I found! The Rage I love all of those pieces and more from their site! I am going to start saving my pennies so that when November rolls around I can buy some fall pieces.

Did you see what I said there… NOVEMBER. How crazy is that? It doesn’t get cold here until November. :( Gahhh.

If you live in Houston, does the weather drive you crazy?

If you don’t live in Houston… do you have a normal seasonal calendar year where you live?


Happy Thursday!


ps- All of those images are pinned on My Pinterest Page!

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  1. Oh these are such great finds! I’m feeling sad now, here in Australia we are at the end of winter and heading into hot hot hot weather. Bah! It didn’t even count as a winter to me I didn’t need a coat once. So sad that I am already looking forward to next year for cool weather again.

  2. I live in Michigan, and I feel like we have Summer, Almost Winter, Winter, and Still Winter….so I never really get the hype about fall. We do get very, very pretty colors in the fall from our trees, it’s just that it gets very cold and I tend to be grumpy when I’m cold…

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