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Red Carpet Hits & Misses

Did you guys watch the golden globes yesterday? I honestly get totally bored because I don’t watch a lot of the shows or movies that were nominated. BUT what I love is the dresses!

Here are the dresses that I think were Hits & Misses. Let me know what you think!

The Hits


1. Monica Potter stole the show in my opinion. Her dress is absolutely gorgeous!

2. Loved Julia’s classic look. She is just so elegant and pretty, could she have gone with more sparkle? Absolutely! Did she need to. No.

3. Taylor looked like classic Hollywood. A beautiful dress and hairstyle. Absolutely perfect.

4. This dress is really perfect. It takes guts to wear a dress like that, shows every flaw, but wow she looks stunning!

5. This girl kills me. So freakin’ hilarious, and pulls off a gorgeous classy look on the red carpet? Done. just done.

6. WOW! I love this dress. The sparkle, the elegance, but isn’t that what we would expect from Downton Abbeys star?

7. I have no words to express how much I love this dress. I think its my second favorite. (no- I didn’t put these in order of favorites, sheesh.) But it is stunning!


The Misses


1. Drew. Darling. We know you’re pregnant but that doesn’t mean you get to come to the red carpet covered in rose petals like you just got attacked by a florist. We need a re-do. You’re better than this. Next time- take some cues from Kerry Washington. She looked beautiful.

2. I’m gonna get some argument here, I just know it. But really- I didn’t like Amy’s dress!! I loveeee Amy, but gahhh. I don’t want to see all that. And your hair? You look like a 12 year old that just got a makeover. If you would’ve had glamorous hair with the dress then you probably wouldn’t have been on my list.

3. Ok. #1- can someone teach this girl how to pose on the red carpet? #2- can we get her something that is more flattering? Thanks.

4. Seriously? Are you planning on using that as a pillow when you get bored during the ceremony? Next time? Get coffee.

5. Well. We know you’re not wearing a bra or underwear. #seriously?

6. Little black dress that went through a kindergarden class? Quick- hand me the hot glue! I think we can add another fabric here somewhere!

7. Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles. She got this one out of her leftover Christmas décor! Grab the scissors- curl that ribbon and add it to the dress! Because that’s what this one looks like to me.


That’s my opinion of these dresses. What’s yours?

Happy Monday!

4 Responses

  1. I didn’t see several of these when I watched E’s red carpet special! I LOVED Amber Heard…I got a peak of her arriving and then presenting. I think she needs to be added to your best dressed list! Drew Barrymore…ugh….I was saying that ALL night!!! How did anyone let her out of the house without saying something?!?

  2. I agree on Amy Adam’s dress… in fact, that’s what bugged me about the movie American Hustle. All I could thing is, wear a shirt that doesn’t go down to your belly button! Totally agree with the dresses you loved, although I wonder if Julia’s is a bit too plain. I only watched about 5 minutes of the awards so I have no other opinions lol.

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