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Rock It Out!

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This Fitspiration Friday I want to share with you all a new sport that I just L-O-V-E!







Rock Climbing!!! Seriously, sooo much fun. We’ve already been twice and I swear I could go 5x a week. Unfortunately its expensive so we have to space it out.

But really- why not change it up this weekend? Do something fun for your exercise. Don’t just go kill yourself at the gym, go for a bike ride, try rock climbing, go for a hike, swimming, golfing.. there are so many activities to try.

Challenge: Thing OUTSIDE of the Box!

Now… I’m going to share with you my class I am taking. This summer semester I am taking a Weight Lifting class. I don’t really understand why you have to have a PE credit when you’re in college but whatev. It will push me to work harder. Which, honestly I need! So I am really excited for this class.

HOWEVER… went to my first class yesterday. The class is Monday-Thursday for 6 weeks. Yes, we will be working out every day.

Guys. I am going to D-I-E.

Okay… for the final, in 6 weeks, in order for me to make an A, I have to:

  • Do approx 35 bench presses of 60lbs
  • Lat pulls of 50lbs… unsure how many I have to do yet. Um, HULK women that have taken the class before the prof. said the girl that had done the most ever had done just over 200. HOLY CRAP. Yeah. I’ll be lucky to hit 40. Really lucky. Cuz right now I think I only use 40lbs. Gonna have to step up my game on that one too.
  • Arm curls 25lbs.. this one I should be okay. I currently use 20-30lbs, but again not sure how many I’ll have to do. I’ll let ya know.
  • Abdominal Crunches- 98 in one minute. WTHeck!? *bangs head on wall*
  • 30 min stationary cycle with a 1.5 kilo-lb resistance. I don’t know how hard that’s gonna be, but it doesn’t sound easy. And I have to hit at least 14 km. I should be able to do this. But the teacher was acting like it will kill us. *great*

So yeah. I’m hoping for freakin amazing results at the end of this. And I REALLY want an A! So I am eating extremely good, tons of protein, fruit and veggies. Staying away from carbs. Gonna try to loose at least 8lbs to get my bench press number down. lol!

Oh yeah, and she measured our skin folds and apparently I’m obese?!? ….

Still feeling like a fatty after she told me that. I mean sure, I’m not where I want to be, I’m 5’6’’ and wear a 6-8, and want to get to a 2-4 again. But um.. obese? whattttttttttt??


So I’ve had Cheerios, milk & a banana for breakfast. And low-sodium turkey, red bell pepper, cucumber, and some hummus for lunch. Just had a 90% dark chocolate square for a snack.

I have to kick it into high gear to get an A for this class. But ya know what? Other than the “obese” part.. I’m pretty excited to see what I can do in this class. The obese part … I don’t understand. Maybe someone that knows more about this can help me out? @Jessica & @Leigh-Anne?? Lol! :))

So get out there- work out this weekend! YOU CAN DO IT!

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    1. Leigh Anne! Can you help me with this too? I’ve been measured at 24 before and they say I’m like almost at the mark of being obese too! =(

  1. Ummm… is the lady crazy?! Obese?! Please don’t listen to her. That is some ridiculousness. Is she super crazy muscles only, no body fat lady? Yikes. Anyway, sounds like you’re on the right track. I’ve been doing super awesome this week too… I’ve worked out every day. Go get ’em girl!

  2. what the flip?!!? WOMP WOMP to obese.. must have a new definition b/c seriously you are far from it… especially wearing a 6-8. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl… I honestly think you are FINE… you’re fit and your healthy. I seriously don’t think you have anything to lose.. maybe a goal of getting more toned sounds reasonable… but I don’t know about losing more weight. I just don’t see it on you :/

    And holy cowroni! Rock climbing?!?! F-U-N!!!! I would love to try that out!! And I think I will take your challenge for the weekend, and do something out of the norm for me. I’ll let you know when it happens, but it better stay nice outside so I have plenty options!!

    Happy weekend and workout and eat to be HEALTHY.. not skinny! XOXOXO

  3. 1) May I suggest a blogger rock wall climbing date?

    2) I’m surprised and kind of disappointed that the class is being graded according to pouds lifted and reps. To be safe, it really should be based on progress from start to finish. Unless everyone in the class begins at the exact same point in terms of health and strength, I don’t really see how that’s fair.

    3) “Obese” is one of those black-and-white terms that actually has a lot of grey area. I don’t know all of the specific terminology, but I know that the term is not a be-all-end-all.

    4) Make sure your breakfast is protein-heavy. My husband and I never stray from our breakfast routine. Not even on vacation.

    5) Be very careful of processed foods. I’ve seen a lot of “fitness bloggers” post things that make me cringe! Flavored water? Don’t go there. Diet drinks (ANY kind, not just soda)? Do not touch that shiz. Packaged lunch meats? Just look at the ingredients. We’ve even cut way back on packaged produce like salad greens. (Local farmer have explained that they won’t buy that stuff, because literally, a cloud of chemicals erupts in your face when you open the plastic. ?!?!?!?!)

    I’m sorry that was so long! I just really felt like I had to speak my mind, because my stomach turns whenever I read deceiving “health and fitness tips” on blogs (and it happens a lot).

    But I am very serious about rock wall climbing. :-)

  4. Obese? No way! I just started hard core strength workouts a few months ago and I second Lindsay; add some protein to your breakfast. I make oatmeal with a dollop of natural pb mixed in and I have a hard boiled egg. My personal trainer cheered when he saw that on my food diary, so it must be good!

    Even though I just stumbled upon your blog, I’d be workout buddies with you if I could! Oh and rock climbing looks awesome. I haven’t done it since I was ten.

  5. Girl, I have had someone at 24 measure me and tell me that I’m close to the obese category! Seriously made me depressed! I know I’m not in the “healthy” or “fit” range for my weight and height but I don’t think I’m obese! =(

  6. I really don’t know where they get the terms “obese”. Someone’s got things messed up… As for the class, WOW! That is alot to get an A, but I’m sure you can do it! You seem like the motivated type, and this sounds possible for you. I’m rooting for you! :)

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