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Sad Chickens

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

I personally cant believe its Thursday already!! This is the end of my 3 weeks of the strength training class. Wow. Is it crazy that I seriously want to take this class again next semester just because it motivates me? lol @Ruby (my training partner) if you read this, don’t hit me over the head in class. :D

I really love it guys! And I’m learning so much about my body. But I’m going to save that for Fitspiration Friday TOMORROW! So don’t forget about it. Are you following me via GFC? <<< over there on the left side? You should! Because I don’t want you to miss out on all this health and fitness stuff I’m learning!

So last Thursday, I told you guys that I was going to make myself post things from my art journal every Thursday so that way it would make myself work on it every week! Well.. I worked on it, a little. *sad* Here is what I did…




Lamesauce. I know! *smh* don’t judge me on the right corner. These pages are gonna rock your socks off when I finish, this is just the base! So… next Thursday, I’ll show you this again, and its gonna be awesomesauce! :))

On another note, I am so excited about how my blog design business is going right now! I am working with some amazing girls and am just about finished with a few new designs! I can’t wait to show you guys. Hopefully I’ll have 2 new ones to show you guys next week.

If you’re interested in giving your blog a makeover I’d love to work with you! You can check out my Etsy Shop. And of course, if you have questions just send me an email!



Today, I am about to head out and go shopping for Sunday School supplies and supplies for our Kidz Carnival! Its August 18th, FREE, and Open to the Public! So to my H-town gals with kids you should stop by! Its going to be a ton of fun with a lot to do! Including:

  • 5 different game booths (like ring toss, spray away, and catch a fish)
  • Face Painting
  • Fun Kidz Photobooth
  • Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hotdogs
  • Chic-fi-la & the Cow! Yeah, for real, our Pastor got them to donate chicken nuggets and come by with the cow for the kids!! lol. They’ll love it.
  • A bounce water slide
  • Prizes, Music, and more!

So if you’re interested let me know and I will email you the details!

***Please note- In regards to the Chic-Fi-La debacle yesterday, sure, I have my own opinion, but I don’t wish to discuss it in a “debate” type thing on my blog. Or in person for that matter. But we all know the kids will love the Chic-Fi-La Cow so don’t let that stop you from coming! Or if it motivates you to come, then yahoo! :D lol


I saw a funny quote from someone on Twitter yesterday, she said something along the lines of, “No matter what you believe, I think we can all agree it’s a sad day for chickens.”



:’( If someone could teach me more about becoming a healthy vegetarian, I really think I would be one already. #kidding #butprollynotkidding


Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Most people who go vegetarian, and don’t subsist on dairy and french fries, are far healthier than when they ate meat. It’s not hard. There are loads of great blogs and cookbooks out there. The nutrients found in meat are easily replaced with a balanced vegetarian diet. Seriously. The reason most of America thinks that eating meat is healthy and necessary is because meat-industry lobbyists had lots to do with the creation of the food pyramid that so many learned about in school over the last 40 years. I’m not pressuring you, I promise. But if being a healthy vegetarian truly interests you, an hour or two of internet research will provide you with abundant resources for doing so.

    And yes, regardless of politics, it was a VERY sad say for chickens.

  2. Sounds like the carnival will be awesome for the kids! So cool that you’re putting it all together.


  3. I’m a vego and love it! It takes a little more planning but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. I’ve found that my taste buds have changed. I don’t need to use a lot of salt or other spices, the veggies natural flavor taste better to me than anything else! Let me know if you want more info!

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