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Simple Signature Jewelry for All Seasons

Before I start talking about signature jewelry for all seasons I wanted to ask you a question, did you know that I didn’t get my ears pierced until this past October? Yes, I did just turn 30. So, I am very late to the jewelry game, which means I don’t have a lot of pieces! When I do purchase jewelry I am a little bit more picky. Yes, I’ll pick up some trendy pieces at Target (helloooo baublebar!), but I do love to purchase some classic simple pieces that will work all year long.



Insert, Kendra Scott. Now, if you aren’t aware of this brand, well let me introduce you! They’re based out of Austin, Texas and I was so excited when they opened a store up here at the Mall of America. I’m not a fashion blogger by any means, but I will tell you that I am finally figuring out my style and I love simple classic timeless pieces.

When it comes to picking out signature jewelry for all seasons I like to stick to metals, neutral colors, and pretty stones. When you do this, it makes it a little easier to splurge on some fun pieces from places like Kendra Scott or your favorite jewelry line! I’m talking about Kendra Scott so much because it’s my go-to for jewelry, and they just came out with their first of 3 releases for their Fall Collection. Here are some of my favorites that I think are perfect year-round!



I was so excited when they invited me out to preview their Fall 2020 line this week, and I got to bring a couple of girlfriends with me! One of them is from Texas and already a Kendra Scott fan, and the other I think we’re getting hooked on the brand. It’s always such a nice experience every time I go into one of their stores. The staff that works there is so nice, offers refreshments, and never once have I felt like I don’t belong in the store. Snootyness does not work for me! These are the two pieces I took home with me from the collection:



Those hoop earrings Carrie had on were so cute and gave me all the holiday vibes! I may have to go back and get them for Christmas time. 


Jessica tends to stick to simple earrings that are small hoops and we talked her into getting these pretty silver ones to add into the mix! A great classic pair that will change it up and be something she can wear throughout any season.  


Here’s my advice when it comes to spending money on jewelry that’s more than Target prices…

  1. Make sure it’s a classic piece you’ll love for years to come
  2. Shop during off seasons! Right now is the perfect time to pick up some summer pieces at Kendra Scott or your other favorite jewelry stores while they’re having their summer sale.
  3. Start slow and build up. No one is pressuring you to wear certain jewelry, treat yourself on birthdays or significant occasions you want to remember. I purchase a piece usually during my birthday, during a sale, and when I have a major milestone moment with work!

A couple of Kendra Scott inside tricks for building your collection:

  1. If you have a store near you, you can purchase any piece at 50% off during your birthday month!
  2. Shop during their sales, they always have great ones at the end of each season
  3. Ask for gifts from them for Christmas and birthdays! I got a piece that wasn’t my style for Christmas and I was able to exchange it and got two pieces that were on sale for the same price as the gift!

Do you tend to splurge or save when it comes to jewelry? As I said, I like to only splurge if it’s going to be a classic piece that I will wear for years to come.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to start wearing more jewelry. I got out of the habit of putting it on when my children were babies. I don’t know if I have a Kendra Scott store near me, but I’ll have to try to find one!

    1. Take a look and see! You can always shop online. Yes, I understand not wearing them when you have littles, hands everywhere! lol

  2. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned the benefit of spending more on quality pieces that will last longer. I’ve never heard of Kendra Scott but love their earrings! And great to know about the birthday discount :)

    1. Oh, girl, you’ll love Kendra Scott! Definitely check out their website and make a note to get one during your birthday month!

  3. I tend to save on jewelry! I, like you, my have timeless pieces, and honestly do not branch too far from them! ? Loved your tips on how to save when shopping KS! Thanks for sharing!

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