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I love meeting up with friends for coffee. There is nothing like relaxing at Starbucks, drinking my favorite hot coffee or tea, and catching up.

If we were to meet for coffee, we would sit at a cute little table in comfy chairs, relax, enjoy the smells of coffee, and talk about all the things we’ve missed.


 I’d tell you…

I am excited about where I am going in school. I am having so much fun designing things and I finally feel like I am in my element.

I started a blog, and I am having so much fun meeting people and having a creative outlet.

About a creepy guy that said, “that’s a nice skirt” to me at Barnes and Noble last night. *shudder*

That Brannon and I are doing great, we love working out together, and coming home and relaxing and watching The Biggest Loser while we eat dinner.

That life’s not always perfect, and about the bumps in the road I’m currently facing.

About this new Juicing video I watched and how I want to go buy a juicer now.



And I’d ask you…

What is going on with you?

How are you doing with your goals?

Anything fun and exciting happening soon?

What are your summer plans?


Then we would hug, and go our separate ways, and I hope that we will get together soon. Either to catch up over coffee again, or hopefully to spend some more time together than our much needed coffee meet-ups.

I have several friends I would love to meet up with… how about you?

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  1. This is super cute girlie!! I loveeee that coffee mug.. that print is so adorbs!! And I would totes tell you that the 90-day challenge is still on and poppin’… progressing week by week day by day. This summer I’m looking forward to marrying my prince charming and being doneZO with school.. for life!

    Happy Monday friend! Hope all is going well with your clean eating and activity for today after this fun filled weekend!!


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