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Brannon & Bree sneak peek

A sneak peek of a photo-shoot Brannon and I did this past Saturday. I can’t wait to get the rest of them! My hair is a bit messy in this picture, but oh well, this is how we are! :)) Also, these picture were taken by the same photographer, Meg, that took the vintage pictures of me a few weeks ago. Love her!

So I am kinda bummed, because I registered for 4 classes to take this summer and then I got a phone call from the college saying that one of my classes got dropped because there weren’t enough students signed up for it. *slackers* So that stinks, and is going to throw of my schedule for the next two semesters. It would be fine, except next spring I am reallyyy hoping I can get an internship, and I do, that means I wont be able to take as many classes. So… just going to put it in God’s hands, and pray for an internship, and that my classes will all work out. Maybe I’ll get a rockin’ internship and it will be worth having to do a class or two next summer.

I’ve struggled a lot with school… figuring out what I want to do. Its kinda a long story, and one that’s really hard for me to share with others. I feel embarrassed about it a lot. Anyone else struggle with school? I just hope that once I finish this I’ll be able to find a good job without having to go back to school again. *fingers crossed*



Yes. That will be me. :)) lol

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  1. Great photo of you and Brannon! I can’t wait to book a date with Meg! I’m hoping for the end of this month!

    Also, keep in mind that most people don’t use their specific degree after college. Unless you went pre-med, pre-law, or Accounting, HAVING the degree is more important than what your major was. I’m not saying that’s true for everyone. But for me and most of the people in my life (family AND friends), internships and networking were more important than what was listed on the degree.

  2. Oh, trust me. I think it is a struggle for more people and they don’t want to admit it. I got a bachelors and then went back to school. Had a job I loved and lost it in December when they went out of business. I have since been looking for a job but no such luck (damn being over qualified).

    Best of luck to you!

  3. My boyfriend is in the midst of getting off of academic probation after having been academically dismissed from school. Even though he’s really smart, getting good grades and staying focused on school is hard for him. So I think it’s really good that you are working hard to make yourself better. It’s all going to pay off for you!

  4. you two look adorable!!! I can’t wait to see all the pics from your cute photoshoot!!

    I can’t stand when they drop courses b/c there’s not enough students signed up.. it’s like, “and that’s MY problem???” sheesh!! BUT it’s all happening for a reason, and you just have to trust there is a reason! So your internship must be different than what you initially anticipated! Keep your head up and roll with the punches and excel in the classes you are enrolled in ;)

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