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Sometimes you just have to play your favorite song every time you get in the car. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself you’ll do better next time. Sometimes you have to push yourself harder. Sometimes you just need that chocolate after dinner. Sometimes fresh flowers do make everything better. Sometimes its okay to want to delete your entire inbox and tell everyone your account died. (no… I haven’t done that… yet. . . ) ;)

Gosh, email at the end of the month feels like a job! It just piles up! Sponsor swaps, making sure everything is set for August. You needing stuff from others, others needing stuff from you. Gosh, the life of a blogger. #firstworldproblems  We really are spoiled aren’t we?

The worst problems we have are, that ginormous cockroach I saw in my Sunday School room. (holy crap- 3 inches, I kid you not! Yes, its still alive, because I was in the middle of class, getting something out of the cabinet. No, I didn’t scream, idk how I remained calm, but I did. No. I didn’t kill it. Are you kidding me? It was a freakin’ godzilla cockroach!)

Or that really big snake that was in the road on the outside of my neighborhood on Sunday Night. Hubs ran over it. . . I screamed and closed my eyes and ears. Then… I asked as we drove off… did you kill it? (cuz we tried to hit it a few times) And he’s like… I think I hurt it, but it went off the road… Seriously? Just tell me you killed it, what would that hurt?

I had it bad with reptiles/bugs on Sunday- can you tell? ^^^

And sometimes, you need to just look at an amazing cake, because wow, its pretty awesome!


And sometimes you need to WIN a GIVEAWAY like these girls just did!




If you’re a winner, check your email! You’ve got something awesome waiting for you! :))


Happy Tuesday <33

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