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Sponsor Shine & A Little About Joy

 Today I wanted to share a little about Joy(me).

 Sometimes… I feel like I don’t share a lot on my blog. I talk about different things, but I don’t share things about me. . . Good/Bad? I’m not sure. I love reading others blogs and reading about things they are going through and things happening in their life, so… I am going to try and so that more here!

My Little Home. Isn’t it the cutest?


 List Your Top 5 Hobbies & Why You Love Them:
  1. Making Hair Accessories. I used to do this a lot more, and even had a little Etsy shop. I love love love making them, but I got bogged down with … Not enough on the site. Not enough advertising. Not enough customers…. And it became not a hobby anymore. I wasn’t making enough money for it to be a job, and to keep it up as a hobby was making me hate it! So… I stopped doing it. I make them just for friends as “custom orders” now. In fact, I had to make 5 just for Easter. :) 
2. Photography. I took a photography class last year, and got to develop my own film. *fell in love!* It is so awesome being able to do that. I can’t wait until I can use a dark room again. Now, I am just waiting for the day I can afford a really  nice digital camera. 
3. Doodling. Seriously, doodling is a hobby. :) My favorite is doodling typeography. <3 it. I have some “pictures” I have made using type only, and I can’t wait to get them into the computer and show you guys. 
4. Home DIY projects. I love making something really neat and being able to put it in my house. I especially love it when someone comes over and asks, “where did you get this” Oh that? I made it. :) 
5. Painting. This is something I hope to do more of. I love it, its so relaxing and fun. I want a big wooden easel for my office. *someday* 
 Well… that’s a little about me for today! Now, I get to introduce you to one of my lovely sponsors. Interested in doing a sponsor swap with me? (ps- its free!) Send me an email! breepair (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Today, I want to introduce you to Jenn! She has a cute little corner of this blogisphere called “Freckle on the Nose.”  Make sure you stop by and say hello! I know it would just make her day. <33


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  1. Thanks for featuring me, Bree!! I appreciate the sponsor love. :)

    It was great to read this and get to know a little more about you! Do you have pics of the hair accessories you make? I would love to see them sometime!

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