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Sponsors & Beans

 I wasn’t able to post my fabulous sponsor yesterday as I had hoped… things got a little… complicated. I’ll explain myself in a second…

 I would like to introduce to you the fabulous Brianna aka Bri! *pst- name twins, woohoo!*

Hi all you Joyous readers!!!
I’m so happy to be here, and I’m sure you are wondering:
“Ummm who the heck are you, and why are you on Breanna’s blog”
That is a fantastic question you Joyous reader!
My name is Bri Rios.
I am the master mind behind Breezy Days.
I hail from Southern California, I’m married to a Mexican Montana Man, and we are living in the freezing tundra of Utah to finish up school.
Yup, I enjoy the spice of life :)
Some fun facts about me would be:
1. I might have a clothing obsession…
2. I’m the only one in my family with natural blonde hair & blue eyes.
3. I always joked I would marry a Mexican man, I guess my 4 years of Spanish classes paid off!
4. I’m short, sassy, and a “no nonsense” kind of girl. If you’re being dumb? I’ll probably tell ya.
5. If you swing by my blog to leave a comment, I’ll most likely blog stalk you back and say hello.
I love making new blog friends!
Swing by Breezy Days where I write about how Ryan & I fell in love and post some super cute outfits.
I would love to meet you! :)
<3 Bri

 Bri is one of the first bloggers that I started following. She is so sweet, hilarious, and posts super cute outfits! So definitely swing by and say hello! Tell her I sent you. :))
  On a random note… does anyone else have THE. HARDEST. TIME. spelling the word definitely. Seriously. I have to stop for a long time and slowly type it… and then use spell check. I hate that word. 
 Okay… as for the “complication” in my life… 
 Yes… its a dog. NO. We have not decided if we are going to keep him yet. I shall explain… 
My friend Taylor found Beans (yes- SHE named him Beans, not us, haha) in the middle of the road when he was just a few weeks old. So, naturally, she took him in and has had him for over a month. Unfortunately, she has a dog already, and is going to school full time, and owns a business… (the girl is a beast)… so she can’t keep little Beans. 
 So, why me??? Well, my SISTER (in trouble) sent me the cutest picture of Beans. Naturally I said, “Aww, he’s so cute! Who’s is he?” And she said he needs a home, do you want him? 
 Yeah! But.. No. Omgosh he is so cute.
 Crap. . . Why aren’t you ugly?
 So I texted Brannon the picture and asked him if he wanted him. He said “We’ll talk about it tonight.” Whattt??! The boy didn’t say NO?  
 *please note ^ that is 100% true, and I wrote that because if he reads this he will see that it was not all my fault that he is at home with me right now* :)) 
 So, I got out of school early and asked Taylor if I could stop by to see him… So I did. And.. I brought him  home to see Brannon. 
 So… we’re in love with him. But SUPER nervous about having a dog!
 Are we ready? Its gonna be a lot of work. We are both on the go constantly. He would have to stay in his kennel for 7 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I am at school. And that is just THIS semester. I don’t know what my fall schedule will be yet. 
 We’re used to being independent… we go and do whatever we want, whenever we want. I know we can leave him in his kennel while we go and do things… Its just, the fact that someone else is relying on you. 
 GAHH!!! Do you feel the pressure?? Seriously, someone with advice HELP US. Beans is here at home on a “trial” run for a few days. We love him, but we’re nervous. 

3 Responses

  1. your too funny, I hate spelling the word definitely. I mess it up every time, spell check is my friend. I was like you when we got our dog, I thought I’m too selfish and there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit him in. But in the end you work around them. You actually look forward going home to someone who loves you unconditionally and someone who devotes all their attention to you. When we adopted Cole, he was sort of house trained. We got him a huge crate to make sure when he messed we crate trained him. We also had only used the crate for a few hours at a time til we trusted him enough that he didn’t want to tear up our house. It was two weeks, after that he never saw the crate again. Never let them watch you clean their potty mistake, put them in a separate room. Make a big fuss over them when they potty outside. Set boundaries in the house for them. They love it, they love to learn. They will respect and honor you for it. Be diligent and consistent in your training. soft voice but firm tone. I researched all the training I could on the internet from professionals. I was obsessed with having the best behaved dog ever and he is 98 percent of the time. lol.

  2. As you might have figured out, we are huge animal lovers around here. Dogs are easy and they’re a good way to ease into children one day. Plus they are cute, furry, and they love you more than you could ever love them. I think you should keep him. :)

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