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I just loveee spring! Houston is absolutely beautiful in spring time. The flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect, and I want to be outside every single day! I am soaking it up, because I know that in just a couple months I am going to be complaining about the horrible summer heat. Anyone interested in doing a house swap over the summer? Come on, you know you want to experience a Houston summer! :D … My neighborhood has a pool… My house has a/c… What else can I bribe you with?

Spring time in Houston also means its Rodeo time! For three weeks all you will hear people talking about on the radio is the Rodeo. Who’s playing that night, how parking is, and where to get your boots!

Hubs and I went last Wednesday with a couple of friends to see Dierks Bently. And this Friday we are headed to see Blake Shelton *yayyy!!* with my family!





My friend Samantha and I. Yes, I carry a lot of stuff on my bag. Glad I brought that scarf and sweater though cuz it was colllllld when we got out that night!



Me and my love on the ferris wheel. :)

Um. Heights freak me out. Just sayin’. Holy moly.


In other news, I am on Spring Break this week! Yahoo! Its been pretty productive so far. I slept in yesterday. *Yes, that’s productive.* And then for the rest of the day and today I have been working on my business! It excites me so much to say that you guys!! My little baby is starting to get its feet underneath it! The logo is finished as you know, and I have a website up now! PixelandPair.com 



I am still making tweaks to it but it’s live! I was so excited last night when I got it up. Texting my family after midnight. Yeah, they love me. :)

I also have a Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest page up, so please stop by and “like/follow” Pixel and Pair!

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So that’s my week thus far! How are you guys doing, are you on Spring Break? :)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Cute post! Catchy new business website. You are on your way to Mrs. Success with all that talent of yours! Congratulations on a job well done my friend. – Samantha C.

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