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Hey all! I am just getting back from an amazing conference- Blog Elevated! Gathering my thoughts and I can’t wait to share with y’all my experience! My friend Trish is taking over here today and sharing a bit about her blog, and at the end there is a HUGE Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway! $65 y’all! So make sure you enter to win! *pumpkin spice lattes all day every day*  xoxo -Bree



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How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I’ll admit, I have a funny blog name. Beyond the Khaki Pants was born because I really do wear khaki pants. And you guessed it, Beyond the Khaki Pants is not a fashion blog. I’m a physical therapist, and I wear khakis at work. Wearing khakis is definitely part of the PT stereotype (just google image “physical therapist” or see what every PT character on TV usually wears). I find it kinda funny that I actually do wear khakis too. But never polo shirts. Never.

My blog is about life outside of work for me (or when I’m not wearing my khaki pants) so I decided to call my blog “Beyond the Khaki Pants”. Even though I don’t blog about my work specifically (HIPPA laws, etc) I like to talk about work and career related topics so I wanted a name that gave reference to my job.

What is your favorite coffee drink? 

I typically drink my coffee black. Boring I know, but I don’t like cream and sugar in my coffee. Growing up in Seattle, Starbucks is king and I had coffee far younger than I probably should have. They get your sucked in with those tasty Frappuccinos! If I have an espresso drink, my drink of choice is a cappuccino, dry. I really prefer my coffee as simple as possible!

What is your favorite season? 

My favorite season is Fall! Which I just wrote about on the blog earlier this week. I love every thing about it including the sports, holidays and weather…even the things going on at work.  We have annual reviews in the Fall, so I always get excited for those (and the possibility of a raise!). I am very passionate about success and I enjoy reflecting on the year [so far] every Fall…What went well…and what can I work on next year.  I am also such a Christmas junkie and I get so excited for it every year. I love all the holidays though, and I don’t mind celebrating them all, one at a time. :)

Why did you start blogging & why are you still blogging? 

I started blogging to document life and to talk about topics related to being a young professional. Things like feminism, career success, student loans, etc. I love connecting with other women who are also dealing with similar things…like being asked if I want kids…all. the. time.

I am still blogging because I really enjoy it! My passion in life is physical therapy but I have loved creating my little space on the internet.  I have made such great relationships with other bloggers and readers through emails and social media.  Being a PT can be very analytical most of the time, blogging is a great creative outlet for me to write.  I just started blogging earlier this year, and I can’t believe how much the blog has grown in just a few short months. So as long as I keep liking it, I will keep blogging!


Bree here again!

Isn’t she awesome?! Make sure you stop by her blog and say Hi! I know it would make her day.

Now, on to this fabulous giveaway! Check out these awesome gals that teamed up with Trish and I to do a $65 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!

starbucks giftcard giveaway

Trish: Khaki Pants Blog | Bree: The Thing About Joy

Jess: The Girl with Glasses | McKenzie: Paper Tie Affair

Bri: Breezy Days Blog | Jamie: Snap Ginger

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