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 Happy Monday Everyone! My surprise is- I am doing my FIRST EVER outfit post! :)) Yay me!
Brannon and I went out on Friday night, and I wanted to wear my adorable new dress! 
And I was able to get him to take pictures of me!
me: Babe…will you take pictures of me? 
hubs: For your blog?
me: Maybeeee 
hubs: *laughs* okay 
We had a great date night. Went out to eat at TGIF, and I had a black bean burger for the first time ever, and let me tell you, it was really good!! I was shocked. :)) 
After, we ventured over to World Market. Okay… I haven’t been there in at least 3 years. Oh, my, gosh. That store is AMAZING!! For my birthday, you can send me World Market loot. ;)) 
Then we went and hung out at Barnes and Noble, and then got some yummy frozen yogurt at TCBY. 
What did you do this weekend? 
Dress: Target
Shoes: New York & Company
Watch: Fossil

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  1. I got to hang out with my boyfriend a bit on Saturday, and then a bit on Sunday. We went for some nice walks. Had a picnic lunch together after church yesterday. It was a good weekend. :)
    Fun dress! I look forward to doing some outfit pics myself. :)

  2. I LOVEEEEE that drew girlie!! I’ve see that same cut out style in black but the red is gorg and sexayyy!!! You look adorbs as ever!

    And I haven’t enjoyed TGIF since I was home in Cali… like 3 years ago :/ Super love that place and their fries!!

  3. Hmmmm…how did you get so pretty?! ;)

    Glad you had a great date-night. Dad and I need one of those. LOL

    Mucho love you!

  4. Such a cute dress! I love love black bean burgers. I’m a vego and any place that has them on the menu is tops in my book!

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