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Tagspire Brunch at Down House

Last weekend I got to meet up with a bunch of Houston Bloggers again! Yay! It’s been so great to see these gals a couple times this month, I’m getting spoiled.

This time we met up at Down House, an adorable restaurant in The Heights. Super delicious food, fabulous Mimosas (I am a little picky when I get Mimosas, I love them, but some places just don’t do a good job… if you make them good I will love you forever!),  and the atmosphere… I mean, look at this table! Farmwood tables, mason jar decor… of course, I will move in, thanks for asking!

But seriously, its a good thing I don’t live in the Heights because I’d want to be there all the time, especially since they have free wifi during the week! I got the Pork Hash, oh my goodness. It had sauteed potatoes, shredded pork, and two fried eggs on the top. I stuffed myself. Ate way too much, and still took some home to hubs! Happy gal.

Tagspire hosted our brunch! I loved the watercolor print and the cute name cards they made for us! If you haven’t heard of Tagspire yet then you should download the app, or check out their site. Its really neat, you can upload pictures and tag things that are in the picture so people can shop for them! So whether its an outfit photo, or a picture of your living room. There are products already loaded into Tagspire so you just tag your pictures and share it with your followers! (ps- my name is Breepair on there!)

Its a pretty neat app- I’d say great for bloggers and shoppers alike! There are tons of bloggers on there already, so I am sure you can go find your favorites that always post adorable pictures where you want to buy everything in their photo… no way am I alone in this one right?  #shopaholicsunite #shoppingparadise

tagspire brunch down house

downhouse brunch
Amy with Tagspire- teaching us how the app works!

houston bloggers
Nicole is the queen of Selfies! She even has one of her selfies blown up on a huge wall at Green Street in Downtown Houston! #yougogirl

Needless to say, we had a great time, and I can’t wait to see them all again! I wouldn’t be mad about it if we were at Down House again. Houston has some great restaurant’s y’all! What are your favorites that I need to try?

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