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Take Me Back to Cabo

Los Cabos - Pueblo Bonito


I think I’m kinda torturing myself by writing this blog post on Memorial Day weekend… because I would really love to be doing nothing but floating in a pool all weekend long. I’m a little scared about finding a public pool here in Portland… that just sounds like a loud kid-fest. And while I don’t have kids, I want to enjoy my pools without them. #judgeaway

First thing’s first, NO, we did not drive the trailer to Cabo. We’re pretty crazy, but that just sounds like a level of intensity that I am not ready to tackle. But to add to the craziness factor, we were told the specifics about going to Cabo, booked plane tickets that same day, and flew out the day after. Let me explain… 

My uncle owns a timeshare in Cabo, and apparently, he’s had this timeshare for about 20 years now. He never goes (he lives in Austrailia) and sent an email out about a month ago to family letting them know we could use it. The amount of information I know about timeshares is very small, so I didn’t realize there was a specific week it had to be used. I read the email and was like oh, cool! This might be neat to do in November for our anniversary. Put it out of my mind and moved on.

Then we got to Stockton, CA where my other uncle lives. After catching up over sushi and coffee (not at the same time) he mentioned the timeshare! We’ve got all this free time, we should go since no one was using it! Oh, and it started the next day… We looked up plane tickets and how much it would be to add on the all-inclusive package, and decided if not now then when? Less than 48 hours later we were on a plane headed to Cabo!



It was lovely. We basically literally spent 6 days in or next to the pool.  The hotel we stayed at was a Pueblo Bonito resort. We were at the Los Cabos location, and it is connected to the Rose location. So you’re able to walk between the two and have more pool and food options without having to leave. ummm…. okay! 

Now, I know the staff is being paid to be your friend and make sure you have a great time. But seriously, the staff at Blanco and Rose are a lot of fun. There are a bunch of activities… ping pong, volleyball, blackjack, cocktail class (aka learn these new drinks to order class… no, we didn’t go twice, crazy). You had the option of staying by the pool or heading out onto the beach to lounge there.

The water was gorgeous but very rough! We went out to go get in the water one day and the lifeguard stopped us and strongly suggested we don’t go. The waves get BIG there, I’ve never seen anything like it. And they happen very unexpectedly. We stayed up at the top of the beach and when the water pushed its way up the beach it knocked me over, and I was only about a foot deep. It was that strong, and it wasn’t the best feeling getting slammed into that sand. So, that was the last time we got in the beach water. The next day or two we saw a couple get rescued because of the waves. Scary! So… if you go, be cautious, grab a cocktail and just admire it from the comfort of your lounge chair.

The pools are nice! Here are the two that were at our resort location:




Gosh, this is torturing me to write this post… but I will press on! Because if you’ve not been on a beach resort vacation you need to go! I’m kicking myself for waiting this long.

So as I was saying, the Pueblo Bonito resort has multiple locations all very close to each other. When you stay at one you have the option of grabbing a shuttle at any time and visiting another one! We only did this one day and headed over to the Sunset Beach location. This was a short 20-30 minute shuttle ride and took us through town. Now, everyone asks if we ever went into town and we did not. We took the shuttle through and didn’t see anything that was calling our name. After all, we’re staying on the beach at an all-inclusive resort. Why go into town? If there were any souvenirs we wanted we could get them on the beach from the peddlers, and we had all the food we could want at the resort! They also had live music a couple of nights at our resort, and there were other restaurants and bars we could access by walking down the beach from our resort.

Back to the other resort – we LOVED Sunset Beach. There were more pools, we liked the food better, and we heard from others that the rooms had recently been upgraded. If we ever go back to Cabo we’d look at staying at the Sunset Beach location at Pueblo Bonito first. There is Pacifica, also an adults-only location, which had also been more recently updated. We went at the right time of year so there were very few kids there, but if that hadn’t been the case we would’ve definitely wanted to go to the adults-only spot. Again… we have no kids, so we’re going to take advantage while we can.

So the food at Sunset Beach…. very good. We loved going to the marketplace there and indulged in crepes, gelato, Tampiquena (my favorite), and Curros. What I wouldn’t give for a delicious Tampiquena and cocktail right now….





Not surprisingly, I have no pictures of the Tampiquena or churros… once they finally made their way to my table I didn’t think to take a picture. It’s not my fault I found them so delicious I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Have I convinced you that it’s time to book that vacation yet? Because up until this trip Brannon and I had taken 0 vacations unless it was traveling to visit family. Which is fun, but not the vacation I’m talking about… Go see something new, find a new favorite food, get a tan, drink too much, make some more memories. Just, go!

Where’s your next vacation? 




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