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Thankful Thursday

 Okay. So I seriously don’t know if its just me or if its the new blogger. I know.. I said how much I loved it the other day. And I really do love the new layout. I love that when I write I am looking in the middle of my screen instead of the left side.
 But it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! *sigh* Something about embedding pictures in and then spacing them out… It’s not working for me. Hence. No pinterest post yesterday. It was either that or the computer was going out the window. :))

 Enough of that. It’s time to be Thankful!! 

41. I am thankful I HAVE a computer.
42. I am thankful my family will be back in Houston tonight. For Good.
43. I am thankful the semester is coming to an end.
44. I am thankful I started to workout a ton back in January and have kept it up.
45. I am thankful for blog giveaways. I won a $20 store credit to Rouge and Whimsy . Now I just have to decide which purse I want. Suggestions? Leaning towards the Pink and Orange, or the Orange and Grey.
46. I am thankful my house is clean.
47. I am thankful for my new gel pens. <3
48. I am thankful for finding these Chevron Nail Decals. I bought them in grey. Can not wait!
49. I am thankful I took a Facebook break.
50. I am thankful my friends signed up for my gym, and I got a free t-shirt because of it. *score twice!*

 What are you thankful for today?! I would love to hear all about it!

 **For those of you living in the Houston area- stay tuned for some fun information on the Houston Children’s Festival, later today! :))

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  1. I’m just getting used to the new Blogger (actually, just added it yesterday…) I said yes to linking my Google+ with it, so now it kinda messed stuff up. Sigh.

    I’m thankful for a computer as well. Thankful for Internet! What’d we do without it?

    I’m, honestly, thankful for free stuff as well! Thankful for good deals. :)

    Definitely thankful for good health.

    Thanks! For reminding me to be thankful. :)

  2. i dont even use blogger to write my posts… uploading images is just far too slow… i use windows live writer and just have it synced up to my blogger account… its takes literally seconds to upload images and you can just click and drag them around… it’s sooo much easier.
    i read about it over on this blog that includes the link for download if you dont already have it on your laptop =) xo

    pebbz | pebbzblog.blogspot.com

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