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Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday Everyone!! A quick update on the [snake] situation.. We have not seen another one in the house. Constant prayers are being prayed that another one never gets in! We think that this unwanted visitor got in through under one of our doors so yesterday I went to Lowes and bought new … watchamacallit… to go on the bottom of the doors…you know what I mean, right? Got them home and realized they were all too big, so… gotta wait until tonight to get them cut and put on, so for now they are just sitting in front of each door blocking the bottom. :)

 Enough about our unwanted visitor. It’s time for Thankful Thursday!!

Learn how to make this for your home HERE!

 **please note: I am going to be counting up from where I left off the previous week. If at some point I double up on something, oops! But hey, its okay. 

21. I am thankful for my friend Liz. She has been helping me this week paint the Sunday School rooms, and I seriously could not have done it without her. Liz, if you read this, you are awesome! 
22. I am thankful for good health. Two days ago my friends aunt unexpectedly collapsed, had 5 heart attacks, and is in the hospital on life support. She is only 48. Please, if you can, say a prayer for her and her three children, she is a single mom.
23. I am thankful for my snake killing husband!
24. I am thankful for the desire to create things. I just love it so much.
25. I am thankful for my bed.
26. I am thankful for food in my refrigerator.
27. I am thankful for Birds. I really like taking pictures of birds on telephone wires. Is that weird? My husband things so…. haha
28.  I am thankful for our christian radio station. Even though some of the songs drive me nuts, and the dj’s can get annoying… It really does help having christian music playing in your home all the time. (although sometimes I do need some adele, buble, and crazy workout music) ;)
29. I am thankful for snail mail. Isn’t it amazing how when we were younger we took that for granted?
30. I am thankful for spoons! Can you imagine eating cereal with a fork?? *things I think about*

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  1. Hi Bree! Encouraging post. I’m so thankful for good health (praying for your friend’s aunt). And for creativity- I don’t know what I’d do without it! And Christian music can be so encouraging and lift you up. Btw, I heard Adele for the first time earlier this year because of my sister, and am really enjoying her music. Lastly… I was just doing a post on thankfulness today, so I added a link to your post. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with my sign. I love your list! I appreciate when someone is thankful for the big things – but ALSO the small things in life. Spoons are awesome. :) Have a great weekend!

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