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The Unthinkable

 I was at my parents house, when it happened. I had gotten out of class and gone to see my sister who is sick. I was in her room when my mom came in and said, “Breanna there was a shooting at North Harris campus.” My heart dropped.

 You always see things on the news but never expect them to happen to you.

 (Lone Star has 7 different campuses, all within 1 hr from me) 

 Last semester at Lone Star College- Tomball, there was a bomb threat. I found out because I was at work (LSC- North Harris) and my friend called me to make sure I was okay and see what campus I was at. After keeping an eye on the news and trying to focus on work, we finally found out that it was just a scare and there wasn’t a bomb.

 Too close for comfort though! That campus is only 15min from my house, and I’ve taken classes there before.

 So when my mom came in and told me the first thing I thought was, Oh my God, please no. Then I jumped and ran for my phone. I called my friend who was at the campus and made sure she was okay. She was there when it happened and said it was really scary and they didn’t know what was going on. I called and texted a few more people to make sure they were safe. Thank God they all were.

 Then I sat in front of the TV for the next hours watching the news.

 I worked and went to school at this campus all last semester, I was there for 40 hours a week, every week. It no longer was something scary happening to someone else, it was at MY SCHOOL.

 I am so thankful that no one was killed and even more thankful that it was not an mass shooter, but rather just some stupid kids that got into an argument and hurt innocent bystanders.

 Honestly. I just don’t understand. What on earth is wrong with someone that you get into an argument and decide to SHOOT THEM?? I just don’t get it!

 I am glad everyone is safe. I am mad at the people that did this. And I am praying constantly for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. I went to school this morning and I really didn’t want to. I know that God is going to protect me and be with me no matter what, and even though I knew it wasn’t a mass shooter, it still made me nervous.

 So pray for my school. Pray for our nation. We can not live in fear, and we must trust God in everything. But be aware of what is around you, and know what to do in case of an emergency.

 So that is my re-cap of my day yesterday. It was dramatic, and upsetting, but I’m okay, and thankful that no one was killed.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. I work about 10 minutes from that location & when I heard I was shocked. I can’t believe something like that happened at Lone Star.. & all because of a stupid argument? What is wrong with people?! Glad you weren’t there when it happened!

  2. I was driving down the Hardy Toll Road towards 59 and I saw a TON of cop cars driving with lights and sirens….I thought it was a chase. I am glad that you weren’t there and all your friends are ok!

  3. I have been thinking about you since I heard about this and found out you went to this school. I’m so glad you’re ok, and can’t imagine what going back to school was like. These shootings have got to STOP!

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