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Things I Love Thursday

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Back in the day… let’s say, 6 years ago? I used to read a blogger who consistently did a series on her blog titled “Things I Love Thursday.” I loved it so much that *sporadically* did it myself! Well, I am excited to bring it back to the blog. It will be a random assortment, though I anticipate some having themes in the future. But it’s basically a list, and sometimes links, to things I am loving lately. Whether that’s a quote, a moment, a food, a pair of shoes, or a book. Anything goes, no limits.

Here’s where you come in. I would love for this post to be one we can connect on! So, if you read this post, please leave me a comment with what you’re currently loving. Anything goes!


cute water tumbler from talking out of turn


One. I had been struggling to get my water in each day, and what always helps me is a friend to do it with me and hold me accountable and a cute new water cup! This one is only $10 from one of my favorite small businesses. I also have her “killin’ it” mug, and I’m hoping she’ll come out with some seasonal things as well.


Outdoor Living Inspiration


Two. My outdoor living inspiration board on Pinterest. We have big plans for our backyard and we’re taking them one step at a time. A few things I would love to do are: Build two farmhouse style table to create one big long table in the backyard for parties; String lights from the tree to the porch; Decorate underneath the deck so it’s cozy snuggly with a couple of cozy chairs, rug, lights, and I’m loving the idea of sheer curtains to make it feel even cozier; Finish out the already paved campfire area with a new fire pit and chairs; New plants on the patio…. dare I go on? We’re really excited about our backyard, it’s our favorite thing about the house.



Three. I’m currently reading my friend’s book that she just published titled, “More Than Enough.” It’s filling my cup and feeding my minimalism. You should’ve seen me during this move, we didn’t have that many things, and I still took a good-sized load to GoodWill. I blame it on living in a trailer for a year (more on that here.)



Four. It’s not fall yet, but I am digging the fall vibes coffee creamer is giving me right now! I am currently loving the Coffee-Mate Natural bliss Cinnamon Cream. And, I was just at the store and spied a Pumpkin Spice already, and Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. Coffee creamers are my weakness! I currently have 3 in my fridge and wouldn’t let myself pick up another one until we finish a couple of those.



Five. Since we’re coffee talking, anytime I go to a bougie coffee shop my go-to is a flavored oat milk latte. I can’t do regular lattes because all that milk kills my stomach, and I think almond and coconut milk dramatically change the flavor of lattes. Oat milk seems to be very mild and not overwhelming at all! I have been tempted to make oat milk at home myself! This picture is one we got at Five Watt Coffee when we went to the Keg & Case Market in St. Paul. A neat market with a few little shops, delicious coffee bar, pretty good BBQ, and a brewery!


I would love for this post to be one we can connect on! So, if you read this post, please leave me a comment with what you’re currently loving. Anything goes!

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