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Things you should know

First off, you should know that this post was inspired by Erica’s post entitled “Things you should know.” 

Next you should know that I am mildly completely obsessed with the Royals. I have read countless books on Princess Diana, and I think that William and Kate are completely adorable and I am checking the news constantly to figure out what they name their baby boy. Then I think if its a cute name, maybe I’ll name my baby boy that… but then, no. Because I am so not ready for kids, and by the time I am finally ready for kids there will be a million baby boys born and named “whatever they name their baby.” But, I still want to know! Hurry up guys… you’re killin’ me  here.

You should know that I don’t wear glasses but I have a prescription for them, that I need to get filled. Just to make sure that my eyes don’t get worse. I only need to wear them when I’m at the computer to help my eyes not to strain. When I wear them I look like a total graphic design nerd. Which, I’m okay with being a graphic design nerd… not so much okay with looking like one. Yet. Beware, when I get the glasses you will either 1) NEVER see pictures or 2) See wayyy too many pictures of me embracing my inner nerd.

You should also know that I have started working with a new company here in Houston called Kindle Interactive. Its awesome. My team totally rocks, and I am super excited to see how the company grows! Fingers crossed that it is sooo successful that I won’t be needing to do freelance on the side and I will be a full time designer for Kindle in the not to distant future. heck yes. 

And… if you click on that picture you can go “like” our Facebook page. Yes, you, go. I’ll still be here when you get back.

You should also know, that lately I have had an obsession with:

  • Reading Books. Like… I read 2 in 3 days… I need to sleep more. 
  • Smoothies. 
  • Mint green nail polish. 
  • Ampersands (like you didn’t know that already) 
  • Our new living room chair. Seriously, its big and comfy… one day I’ll share pictures of my house. 
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Lara Bars. 
  • Sketching fashion illustrations. 
  • The Bachelorette. Dang it. I blame it on you bloggers, you got me sucked in again. #teambrooks

Happy Wednesday!

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