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Last Friday I went to the Houston Social Media Breakfast Club. It is a networking event that happens on the first Friday of every month. It is an awesome place, not too many people, but not too small of a group. Houston professionals, a few eager students, always awesome speakers, and of course.. delicious food!

 Girls, if you live in Houston, then I STRONGLY encourage you to come to these events! You will meet some awesome people and make great connections. No. You don’t have to own a business to come. Just be wanting to network and learn!

 I have been to the past two meetings. The first meeting there was a discussion on Social Media & Videos. Then this past Friday it was called “The Real Lawyers of Houston.” Talking about any questions you have at all regarding your business, social media,  trademarks, etc.

 Plus I was able to meet quite a few people at this event. Including a few other Houston bloggers! Which is crazy, I’ve seen their blogs, but I had not gotten the chance to meet them in person yet. And then we all showed up at the same networking event!

 To be honest, I didn’t get everyone’s names in this group. :( But I’m hoping to meet them again at the next meeting!

 The ones I do know are… All the way on the left is William Ntim. He is my co-worker at my internship and he also owns his own T-Shirt business called Certified Dress Code. Check it out here: certifieddresscode.com and you can also follow the company on Facebook.

 Then on the other side of me is the lovely Lura! She is a H-town blogger hottie! You can see her blog here: Domesticability! I was sooo excited to meet her!! I hadn’t met her at the H-town Blogger meet ups yet, so I was excited to see her there. :)

 The only other one I know is third from the right, and that is Daphne and her blog is LikeOmigod. And seriously. I was laughing so hard reading her blog. All about the ups and downs of dating. Hilarioussss stories people. Seriously, go check it out.

 And this is my boss. Mayra! She has seriously been so awesome and I am sooo glad I met her. Remember how I posted at the beginning of the semester how I was praying for a Mentor. Someone that could help me in my career, give me tips, listen to my ideas, help me come up with awesome plans?

 God listens people. Seriously. I have been so blessed this semester to get this internship. I have learned soooo much and met some incredible people along the way. I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me.

 And, if you want to check out Mayra’s website you can just CLICK HERE.

 So since we are talking about networking today, I am excited to tell you guys that I’m going to the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Party! … that was a mouth full. So are you going?! Because you totally should!! Seriously. I want all my blogger friends to be there! Lets go hang out and have an awesome time! Last I checked there are only like 30 tickets left! So go grab yours ASAP!  Click here to go find out more information.

 And one last thing.

 I am trying to raise money.

 Specifically… $500.

 Yeah. That’s a lottttt.

 I want to go to Dallas in March, and go to Blissdom ’13. A HUGE blogger conference. I know I would learn so much from this and it would help me with my future business plans so so much!

You can click on the picture ^ to find out more information.

 How can you help? How kind of you to ask!

I have added two new sponsorship options for my blog! I will be doing a post sponsor ad (your ad at the end of EVERY post) and I added a large 200×300 ad to my sidebar.

 Also. Are you interested in sponsoring me in another way? I am considering working with handmade businesses that are unable to go to a big blog conference! What will I do? That all depends on your product! Send me an email and lets chat!

I hope to hear from you! I know we could work something great out together!

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Hi Bree, I’m a new follower via the blog hop, thanks for co-hosting! I’m link number 64, La Belle Dame Sans Merci. I just began logging two weeks ago today and am loving meeting fellow bloggers. Looking forward to reading future posts from you! :) xo

    Lots of love from Ireland,
    Fiona @ http://www.labelledsm.blogspot.ie
    Trixiebellexx on Twitter

  2. How neat that you are raising money with your blog! I just found your adorable blog through the blog hop! I am excited to be your newest follower and get to know you. I would love for you to stop by and follow along if you’d like :)


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