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I have so many updates and things I want to get done in this little blog to make it even better for you guys. I swear I have lists of things I have to do and they are just swarming my head and making me exhausted.
Lately I just feel so overwhelmed, emotional, and wore out! This semester is really taking its toll on me. I am so grateful for all the awesome opportunities I’ve encountered this semester, but man o man will I be sooo ready for Christmas break! It’s the getting there that’s going to be exhausting. Final projects are gonna be a killer. But I’m going to have some AWESOME things for my portfolio when I finish! Such as…

  • A 28pg magazine, completely designed by me
  • 1 website that I will be able to put in my portfolio, I’m creating a total of 3, but not sure if I’m going to love love the other two. We’ll see how that turns out.
  • Complete logo design, including business card, letterhead, and envelope
  • Amazing pieces from my internship! I will try and show you guys some things I’ve designed from there very soon!

Its all going to be worth it.
But on a serious note. Its overwhelming right now. Last night I just sat down and wrote down lists of things that are on my mind. Things I need to get done for school. Things I want to do for my blog. Things I want to do for my portfolio. Things I want to accomplish with my business. Things I need to get done for Sunday School.
I’ve felt overwhelmed before, and I am so proud of myself for being able to juggle all of this this semester! Because there is NO way I ever would have been able to do it before. Before, I would only take a couple classes when I was working part time, and even then my grades would be crap. This semester I am in 5 classes, and working a part time internship. I am 95% sure I will have all A’s in every single one of my classes. I am rocking this internship and making my boss proud! I’m the Vice President of a Student Organization. Ya know what. I’m doing awesome!
Just. Wore. Out. :)

Wish me well, and lots of energy today! Lots to accomplish, just like every day.
Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. You totally remind me of me when I was finishing up my first degree. I was doing everything! It is hard, and overwhelming 90% of the time, but you will be so glad for every single thing you did when you look back on this. Congratulations on your success so far, and on your continued successes!

  2. Oh girl I have been there before!!! The swarming ideas, the endless to-do list… so much easier to just turn on the TV. I’m sure you are rocking it!! Loving all these projects – a 28 page magazine, though? YIKES!!! Sounds like it’s going to be really tough but probably your favorite project… I had a killer project like that that I almost lost my head over, but I got some of my best portfolio pieces from it. Coffee helps, sometimes needed 2-3 times a day!! haha YOU CAN DO IT!

    xo, KV

    P.S. I’ve been extremely overwhelmed too so I’m about to start on your portrait today! Please forgive me!!

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