What I’m trying to do today since I am feeling sick again. I felt better yesterday, and got excited thinking I was getting better! What happened? *sad* I hope I feel a lot better in the morning! I don’t want to be sick at work again. I swear on Wednesday I kept sneezing over and over again, my boss and co-worker were probably getting annoyed. I wanted to be like, you don’t have to say “Bless You” every time I sneeze… cuz I’m sneezing a lot.

And I wish my computer was portable, because I really like it, and I miss using it. I am so paranoid about germs at school. I keep antibacterial out all the time. I mean.. a lot of people use those computers. That keyboard… and mouse. Ew…. *shudders* don’t think about it too long, you’ll get grossed out like I just did.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yeah, computers at school as grossed me out.. I actually used to take wipes, like Lysol ones, and wiped down the keyboard and mouse. That way I didn’t have to use hand sanitizer every five seconds, because believe me, I used to. And, I hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun :(

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