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Thursday- Guest Post

 Hey everyone! Today I am so excited to have one of my favorite bloggers guest post for me. She is an amazingly talented girl! Graphic designer, illustrator, and owner of It’s Paper Dear! Be sure to stop by your blog, you won’t be dissapointed. :)
Hello there, sweetlings! I’m Zie of Darling Dear & I’m so happy that Bree is letting me play on her blog today! :} Which, as I’m an illustration and graphic design student, I wanted to share a few little tips I’ve picked up along the way. Now, I know a lot of people would show you more of the “how to draw” type of tips, but I believe that the important part is actually what goes on *behind* it all. So that’s what we’ll cover today. Three things that have helped me as an illustrator and designer thus far :} 
To start with, keep a sketchbook. It’s easy & simple and everyone tells you that you need one, yes? Well, truth is it can be really hard to keep a sketchbook. If you’re like me, you doodle quite a bit and have 30,987 sketchbooks in the world, but even still. It’s hard to devote time to sketching. Because that’s the trick, I have found. 
A lot of people talk about sketching when you think of something or have a brilliant idea. But I disagree with that. Of course, yes, sketch when you have the ideas, but you have to make time at least a few times a week to sketch even when you *don’t* have the ideas. It’s like working out. You have to keep at it & push yourself to get better. 
Next, use the best you can. I’m a college student, so I have a really tight budget. But I also am a small business owner & so between school and work, I really need the best I can manage. But that doesn’t mean if you cannot afford the most high-tech, high-priced computer or tablet or printer then you’re not going to make it. Some of the best designers I know use pen, paper & a thrifted printer/scanner. So it all just boils down to working within your budget and means & making it work for you. 
Which brings me to my last main tip for the day: keep it interesting. Now, I think this really has two big parts to it, one of which would be talking about the art you are making & to keep playing, etc. But for this post, we are talking about more of the behind the scenes type of goodies. So entertain yourself. I often spend hours & hours in the studio & hardly ever leave. Which can get pretty boring if you let it. But I’m always listening to new bands & albums (thanks, Spotify!) or watching TEDTalks or something else that interests me on Netflix. Keep your mind occupied with something and it’s easier to let your hands just…go. 

And that’s pretty much it, honestly. Nothing too hard & something that each of us can work on and play with. Work with the best you can, push yourself, sketch all the time & have fun! And in the end, you’ll see how rewarding and fun it can all be :} 
Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a more step-by-step on how I work on an illustration, then shoot over to my blog today. I’ll be sharing how I made this puppet show piece for my illustration class out of cut paper & Illustrator. :} 
Thank you again, Bree for being lovely & letting me play on your blog! 

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