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Time Out: Women’s Apparel

No, I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus and the VMAs. Although on that note can we please never ever see that again? Had to wash my eyeballs out!!! o_0

^ The lesser of two evils I suppose…

Anyways. What I want to talk about today has been bothering me since I went to my Zumba class on Tuesday.

My instructor was selling some Zumba T-shirts and Tank Tops after class. They are directly from the Zumba brand, you can purchase them at Zumba.com So I went up and was looking through them because I had been wanting to order one offline, but hadn’t yet because I didn’t want to pay for the shipping <- cheapooo girl, right here.  So I was excited when she said she had some.

I knew I wanted a Tank Top vs a T-Shirt because I get really freakin’ hot while I’m dancin’. *please refer to above image* So I picked up the tank top that she had and it was an X-Large. She (instructor) said “You can go ahead and pull them out of their wrappers and look at them.” So I pull out the X-Large tank (because it was the only one she had) and my heart sank for a minute.

No. Not because it was too big. But because… Holy Crap, this looks small, like it will fit me!

And then I had a “girl” moment. Holy crap. This is an X-large, and its going to fit me! I’ve been working out, why is this going to fit me when I wear a medium?

*NOTE* There is NOTHING wrong with you wearing an X-large, a Large, an XX Large, as long as you’re healthy and happy! But for me, an X-Large does not equal healthy.

And so while I was having those thoughts go through my head, I then started to think, wait what on earth is wrong with their SIZING? And then another girl that was standing there, who has been going to Zumba for much longer than me, but is trying to loose weight and is larger than me, was like “Uh, an X-Large in little girls sizes maybe!”

And you know what, she was totally right! So, to show you what this X-Large looks like on me, I took pictures. Because I was really mad! Yes- I bought it, because I wanted one, but this is a picture of me in the X-Large. Note I am a size Medium/8.


Its TIGHT on me! I don’t normally wear clothes like that, especially to work out. I prefer loose and comfy so I don’t feel how wet my clothes get from sweat.

So, why is this bothering me so much? No, not because I have to wear an X-Large. But YES because I have to wear an X-Large.

Zumba is supposed to be a fun, energetic, calorie burning exercise. A class you go to and shake your bacon, get in shape, tone up, and loose weight if you need to!

So, an Example: Say you have a girl that has been going to Zumba for a few months now, and she has lost 20 or so pounds. She is feeling so much better about herself, and has gotten down to a smaller size. She loves Zumba so much, and now wants to purchase a Zumba workout tank.

The Problem? She still wears a normal sized x-large. So, she gets online and orders an X-Large tank-top from Zumba.com and anxiously waits for the mailman to bring it! Only to get it in the mail and feel horrible about herself because she can’t wear it because its way too tight on her and makes her feel miserable.

That is what has me so frustrated. This program is supposed to empower women! And yet their clothes are tearing them down! But… this isn’t just a problem with Zumba, as I’m sure you’re all aware. There are hundreds of clothing lines where you have to go up in a couple sizes just to fit in their clothing. Don’t even get me started on Bridal Clothing.

So is this post to vent? Yes.

But this is also to tell all of my readers that don’t worry about the sizes that these companies put on their clothing. At the end of the day, you know what you look like and whether or not you are healthy. I 100% believe in being healthy. I believe in getting enough nutrition in your body and not starving yourself. I believe in a healthy amount of exercise, but choosing which exercise you like and what works for you.

To sum it up? I don’t think that a normal size 6-8 is an X-Large. And neither should you.



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  1. That is so crappy!!! And I am now SO glad I didn’t order anything online from them – I would have ordered a small that probably would have fit my cat. It’s almost insulting.

  2. Omg … I am rolling laughing. You are such a good writer. Perfect pictures, ps you are gorgeous. Oh and I love you. Thank you for a laugh out loud moment tonight. -Samantha

  3. Sorry to hear you have this experience, I have it often since I have such a larger chest. Most of the time I have to buy up and have it fitted down to my size or my waist gets lost in a sea of fabric…

    I find it really insulting that they are saying an X-large is that freaking small, no offense but I probably couldn’t get one entire boob in that tiny thing. I can wear an xl and i’m a size 16 so they are out of their minds. I do P-90 among other workouts and I’ll be damned if someone tells me I’m unhealthy because simply of my size.

    This mind warp about being “perfect” drives me insane and if that is their marketing strategy it’s really unethical.

    -Chrissy of Crashbeauty

  4. So frustrating! I agree! I don’t like to order things online because it’s so hard to figure out my size!
    Off the subject…your pic on the left reminds me of I Dream of Jeanie! Looks like you’re going to blink a spell! So cute!

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