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Today is a Happy Day!

Wow! It sure has been an exciting week over here at my house! I have so many things to share with you all!

First! We have a winner in my FIRST EVER giveaway! Congratulations to Andrea!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Yay!! SO happy for you girl! Expect an email from me shortly. :))

If you didn’t win, I am so sorry. I wish I was rich enough to buy you all one! *or owned K&Co!*

Second, I have reached 100 followers on GFC!

100 gfc followers

Wow, just wow! Thank you guys soooo much. Really.. I’m shocked that that many people want to follow and read what I’m writing. Crazy. :)) THANK YOU!!!!! You ROCK!



We had a photo shoot with MEG! This is one of my favorites…he does this look when I’m being ridiculous. :)) I’ll share more pictures with you later on.


So, funny dream last night. Yesterday I applied for an internship, and one of the questions was do you have solid writing skills. Which I believe I do, I mean, I passed my English classes with flying colors. Plus I write here all the time so that gives me some experience… although I get sloppy on here, with a bunch of periods…. <<< ya see? :)) And I’m pretty sure the smiley faces wouldn’t be good in a professional context… BUT they make ME happy! *side note: do my smiley’s irritate anyone?* I can try to cut back. *sigh* 

OH! So back to the dream… I dreamt I was in school, taking an English class (again?!) and I got a C on a paper!!! I was freaking out, and went to ask the professor why on earth I got a C, my content was awesome! Then he showed me my paper and it looked like a baby had taken a pen and gone to town on it…. Ok, not literally, but like, there were so many crosses through words, commas, etc, that it looked like that! Ugh. I was freaking out! How did I write a paper with that many errors?

So yeah… bizarre!! Plus the fact that I interviewed the President, Mr. Obama himself, for my paper. And he had a ton of grey hair, and I was thinking wow, this term is really getting to your hair. *side note: it really is, he wasn’t as grey as he is now, when he started* I hope someone else notices random stuff like that…

                     2008: No Grey                                                   2012: Hello Grey!

obama 2008obama 2012


OKAY! So I have a third super amazing gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh surprise for you guys!

But. I decided I’m going to share it with you tomorrow. :))


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  1. Congrats on your milestone! And yes, I totally noticed that about Obama! I’ve actually noticed it with many of our presidents if you take a look back on their photos. I think the job is so stressful that they gray really quickly! Clinton and Bush Jr also had it happen! I use that as an example for my students in my U.S. History classes so that they can understand the amount of stress that the leaders of our nation must endure! So glad that I’m not the only one that picks this silly tidbit up! ;)

  2. Yayyyyy for the winner!!! Why can’t you be rich?!?! LOL j/k

    And congrats on your 100-mile mark! Wahoooo!!!! So much to celebrate and can’t wait to hear the rest tomorrow ;)

  3. wooooo congratulations on reaching 100 followers :D so happy for you… its because you have an awesome blog so you really shouldn’t be that shocked =)

    oo also congrats to the winner =) xo

  4. Wow 100 followers! That’s awesome…and after the day today you had I will forgive you for putting not one BUT two photos of the prez on here. :-)

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