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Top Golf Spring


Recently Top Golf invited a group of bloggers out for a girls night out! There was a wine tasting, delicious food, giveaways and of course golf!

If you’ve never been to a Top Golf before, then find the nearest one and go asap. I know I know you may not be a golfer, but that is totally okay! I haven’t golfed since I was in high-school and I have gone with so many friends that have never golfed in their life. And you know what? Everyone has such a good time! There are so many different games you  can play, its really like mini-golf only you get to hit the ball really far. (come on, I know you’ve wanted to when you play mini-golf, now’s your chance!)


topgolf spring
Here’s some tips:

  1. Go with some friends- you can fit 6 people in a bay to play at once, fill it up! Even better, get two bays side by side and go with an even bigger group!
  2. Don’t pressure yourself- just have fun, don’t try to be super good because unless you’ve been playing forever you’re gonna be like me and mess up a lot. But its okay, trust me, you’re going to have fun anyways!
  3. Order snacks- they have the most delicious food! Seriously, I know you wouldn’t expect it at a place you go and play games. But they have a top chef from Houston and everything I have ever had there is amazing! I recommend those cookies ^ and their injectable donutholes. Yes. You read that right.


Thank you Top Golf – Spring, for having all of us Houston Bloggers out! We had such a blast. Hubs and I even went back that next weekend. I’m ready for another Top Golf party, who’s in?

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