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TopGolf Houston North


This past Sunday, TopGolf Houston North sponsored the Houston Blogger Social Club, and invited us out to play! They just opened this venue, and it was so awesome! Three levels of fun fun fun!

If you have never golfed before, this place is for you! If you’ve been golfing for years, this place is for you! The amazing staff is friendly, helpful, and makes everyone have a great time. A member of the staff will show you how to swing and get points every time, so everyone has a great time!

Topgolf was started in the UK when their founder decided that you should have way more fun, awesome food, and drinks at a driving range. Topgolf is now all over the United States, so check out their website to find a location near you! They are opening up a new location every 37-44 days, so if there isn’t one close, just wait, because there will be soon!

Plus- during the summertime they are having AWESOME events! Every last Saturday of the month they are having a themed event. And throughout the weekend they’ll have live music, drink specials, and be open late! So check out a location near you to see what’s going on at your Topgolf!





Oh my gosh y’all. I have missed golfing! I haven’t golfed in over 7 years. From about … 12-17 (if I remember correct…) we lived on a 9 hole golf course. All of my siblings and I took golf lessons for a couple years during the summertime. Our house was on the first hole, and so we’d just walk right out our backyard for tee-time. It was great! The putting green was right there for us to practice whenever we wanted, and when the golf course closed at night we’d run out to play the first couple of holes before it got dark.

When I heard the group was getting to go to Topgolf I was so excited, but nervous at the same time! I mean… it had been 7 years. Would I remember anything at all? So when I put that first ball on the tee, took my practice swing, and held my breath as I was about to hit the ball… All I wanted to do was hit it, and not kinda doink it off the side. Let me tell you…. that ball went flying far, and straight as an arrow! I did a little happy dance! I could still do it!

We are planning on going for my birthday this Saturday, and I can’t wait to go again! We are going to Colorado for the 4th of July, so I’m going to be practicing until we go so I won’t botch it on my first game.



Amy showing us all how its done!



Whitney looking like a pro! Look at that foot y’all!


You don’t have to bring any clubs, they have men & women’s clubs for you in each bay! Drivers, and wedges. It was great! One of the girls brought her own clubs, so if you have yours and want to practice with your own clubs you can definitely bring them! We saw several people come in with their own clubs.

And now… the food y’all. Holy moly. Fabulous! Good food at a driving range? Yeah, sure whatever… No, seriously, it was so good!



They brought us out fresh guacamole and queso! Nice big chunks of avocado too. Yummm….



The star of the show, imo, was these amazing chicken and waffle sliders! Holy moly. Will order these again!



All of the girls that made it out this Sunday.

Stephanie – WhitneyAmyMegJennShalanda – Me!



I had so much fun! And since my birthday is next Saturday, I think I know where we’ll be going! Hubs has never been golfing, and so I can’t wait for him to go. He’s been nervous about golfing but this was so laid back, and a lot of fun, its great for anyone that has never golfed before! Only a couple of us girls had ever golfed, and we all had a ton of fun!

Thanks Top Golf Houston North!! Can’t wait to visit again!

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  1. Looks awesome! I would go just for the food. LOL Have a great time on Sat. for your birthday. I’m sure hubs will do fine, too. ;)
    Love ya!!!

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