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Holiday Traveling Tips

Traveling during the holidays is both FUN and can be exhausting and stressful. Both depend on who you’re going to see, and how long you’re going to be gone! I’ve got a few tips and ideas to help make traveling during the holidays more FUN than anything else on that list.

1. Make your list and check it twice!

You know how long you’re going to have to be gone so go ahead and start on that list. Clothing, shoes, makeup, do I need to bring the hairdryer? All the details, write them down. If you have a list done ahead of time, it will help you not forget anything. You can create it now, and then start adding to it as you get closer to the day you need to pack.

And if you have pets! Are you bringing them with you, or do you need to find a happy place for them to stay? i.e. a NICE relative or friend (make sure you compensate them in some way… it always makes things easier, even if its a promise to watch their kids on date nights, or bring them 5 dozen cookies… the parents, not the kids) Or- a nice clean boarding place.

Don’t forget to add to your list:

  • Christmas Presents
  • Games?
  • Food List
  • Travel Bag Items
  • You Knitting bag (that might just be me…)
  • Passports, identification cards…and a huge other list if traveling abroad.
  • That book you wanted to show your mom
  • The dinner rolls that are in the freezer

2. Security. Security.

Now you’ve got your list, so you wont forget a thing! But what about your house? Is it safe and secured?

Here’s some things that you may want to think about doing:

  • Security System – if you don’t have one already, maybe now is the right time to make the jump?
  • Neighbors. If you have a neighbor you can trust, why not go and talk to them? See if you can keep an eye out on their house while they’re gone, and them keep an eye out on yours while you’re gone! Be sure to exchange phone numbers. Plus bringing them cookies when you talk is always a good idea!
  • Family. If you have family in town ask them to check in on your home every once in a while, make sure your fake plants are still alive (maybe that’s just me again…).
  • Automatic lights. Outdoors and indoors. You can have sensors put on your lights outside for when a car pulls up or a person walks by. And you can also get timers put on them as well. For less that $20 at your local hardware store or Walmart, you can get timers for indoor and outdoor lights, and set them to go on and off at certain times.

3. Rest and Relaxation

Make sure you take time out to rest and relax on your travels. Yes, I know, that’s the whole point of getting away from your home, but this doesn’t always happen now does it? Make sure you take the time to plan something fun that you want to do. If you’re going to visit family and want to go to a certain  place, talk to them about it before so you can plan a day to go? Some other fun and relaxing ideas…

  • Get a massage!
  • Mani/pedi time anyone? This is the last time you can get away with bright red and green on your toes without anyone thinking your cray cray.
  • The mall may not be a good idea – hello holidays. But if you can avoid that area, why not plan something outdoors? Take a walk/hike if its not too cold, have a bonfire, or go have a snow fight!
  • Bring a book you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Plan on working on a fun project you haven’t had the time to do.


I hope these were some helpful tips! Did I leave anything out that you’re planning to do to make your travel easier?

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