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I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

I was able to meet my cousins girlfriends on Friday night. We all met up at my parents house for pizza and games. I’m so glad I got to meet them. :)) We had a great time hanging out!

Saturday, seriously, laziest day everrrr. I have a love/hate relationship with that day. :)) Love, because I had a wonderfully sleepy lazy day. Hate, because I would have liked to get more things done & get a workout in. OH well! That evening we went and sat at the Fireworks booth our church has, and tried to sell fireworks!! Did you know hardly anyone buys fireworks until like the day before and the day of the 4th of July? Its true. So.. it was kinda boring. Good thing we had friends there to keep us company!!





Sunday we had church, almost slept in since I didn’t have to teach that day and hubs was like “we’ve spent 4 hours Saturday night at the fireworks booth and we’re spending another 4 hours at the booth on Sunday night.” But… in the end, we decided to go. And I’m so glad we did. Its been a rough week (as you’ve noticed) and I was just so happy to sit there, not have to teach Sunday School, be able to be a part of the worship service, and listen to the message. Talking about how God places us in situations for us to be used. At least… that’s what I got from it, and I think that’s what God wanted me to get from it after this week. I am so thankful for His hand on my life.

So yes, last night we were at the fireworks booth again! And to the kids with a pit bull that constantly walk from behind wal-mart to across the other side and on the other side of the highway… I really don’t mind you walking by numerous times, but PLEASE put your PIT BULL on a LEASH! Seriously. Or else I might call the cops next time. (big dogs with no leash freak me out!)




So this past week, I have learned to put my trust in God.  He has everything in control, and when we don’t understand what’s going on, He always does. This verse has been stuck in my head so I decided to doodle a little last night with it. One day soon I hope to turn it into a beautiful print.  “Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)



Also, the past few days I have been trying to get myself to consistently read the Bible and a devotional. Which is extremely hard for me to do on my own! So, I had been seeing the hash tag #shereadstruth floating around instagram a lot lately, and I decided to check it out last night. It is so great! You can view the website www.shereadstruth.com . It’s a group of 4 ladies that started this page to bring women together to do a devotional every single day. Its so great to be able to see others doing it to, and be able to follow along the same plan all together. Its really helping motivate and encourage me. I am so glad I found it. I started today, I started on Day 12, I’m not gonna wait until they start a new series or try to kill myself to catch up. Just starting today.

Seriously. It’s a great thing, I really love it and I hope you will check it out!

I hope you’re having a fantastic Monday!! Oh! And have you seen all my new sponsors? They’re an awesome group, and I’m excited to work with them this month. Be sure you show their blogs some love.



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  1. I totally feel you on the Sunday thing. I almost always feel like i need that little spiritual boost. It’s not like my life is that hard, I just always need it I guess. Just found your blog and I’ve loved getting to know you better, I’m excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. I have experienced my first firework booth, as you say – I say it’s a random trailer selling fireworks. I just do not understand the concept as of yet, because where I moved from we never had those and fireworks were legal? Hmm…

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