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Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

 I hope everyone is having a great day! As I’m starting this post I’m sitting in Web Design Class, my professor goes really sloowww. Which… is okay I guess, makes me get everything done right the first time!

 So- what do you think of my new design!? It is a work in progress still, I have some things I want to change, but I wanted to get it up and running so I could tweak it more.

 And now that I look at it I’m like gahhh… don’t like this or that. Tonight- guess what I’ll be doing. Editing html. lol :))

 Oh- and my first day of work, we were just filling out paperwork and getting everything set in stone. So first day, hopefully is tomorrow, as long as all the paperwork went though today! *fingers crossed* 

  On my way to school this morning I was listening to my favorite morning radio show, 104.1 -Roula & Ryan!

  They had brought in a couple to the studio to help out today, 9-11. He was a soldier in Iraq and has a Purple Heart. They are having a difficult time with finances, have three children, one car, and no working a/c in the car. So, 104.1 brought them into the studio to get listeners to help them out! They were able to raise several thousand dollars to pay for their a/c fix and help them out with other things. So awesome!
 The whole show this morning was taking charge of 9-11 and changing it for the better! Not letting it control us or make us sad or fearful, but instead to take this day to pay it forward to our service men and women! I thought this was such an awesome thing.

 So whatever you do today, don’t forget what happened 11 years ago. But don’t let it control you! Let it challenge you to pay it forward and say thanks to those that are behind the scenes every day. Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers, etc.

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