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 Hey everyone! Sorry I was MIA yesterday, but it was Labor Day! :)) I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend. I am currently working on getting everything organized. School- Blog – Home, and trying to find an internship.

 So while I am scatterbrained today know that I miss you all and can’t wait to chat with everyone tomorrow. Today I’m busy at school and working on projects, but I am also working on getting super organized and more professional with my blog. Which means awesomesauce for you!!

 Anddddd Natalie has a lovely post for you all!! With beautiful pictures, I might add. She has been a great sponsor for my blog, and I recently gave her blog a new design! So be sure and check out her page.

 Talk to you all tomorrow! <33

Well let me start by introducing myself. I am Natalie and I blog over at Looking Through The Lens. I blog about my life, college, a DIY every now and then, love and my crazy ride I am taking through growing up. I am about 20 something give or take a little. I like making people laugh and feeling good about themselves. I can be  a little too blunt sometimes, but I heard that people like the truth. :)
I am in school for Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communications. So far I LOVE it. I love every aspect of school. The thought about learning something new makes me more and more interested in it. I once told my mom when I was younger that I wanted to be in school for ever. I am sometimes socially awkward, but I guess everyone is at some point in their life. Right? 
Sometimes while in the midst a group conversation someone will say something and it will get me think about all sorts of things. Like ‘Where did this come from?’ and ‘I would have never guessed you would think like that.’ and my favorite (teehee) ‘That was deep’. So here are some of the questions I hear or statements. Come on over and let me know the answer or comment below and let us know your input. 
Is it better to be right or to be kind?

Would you guys help someone if you saw them drop everything on the ground? 
(Answer this one honestly)

Why do you think people are mean?
Some people surprise me with the things they say. It makes me have that much more hope for them. So I leave you all with a little something. Don’t ever underestimate anyone. Everyone is trying to do the best they can. Remember everyone you see is fighting a battle.
So I want to thank Bree for letting me steal her blog for the moment. :) I love working with this girl. She is a doll. If you ever get the chance to work with her DON’T LET IT DOWN. I hope everyone has a great day. :) Don’t forget to stop by and say hi sometime, when ever you get a chance.

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I use baking as a way
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