I’m gonna be real with you guys today.

 If we’re being real here… what would you be real with me about?


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  1. I would tell you that I am totally with you on A.) saying you guys, not y’all and B.) being way behind in school. Pretty much all my projects are due in the next two weeks and I feel like I’m drowning! Sending good vibes your way.

  2. Hopefully things start getting less busy for you!!! Plus, I just got over being sick, it’s the worst! I honestly didn’t even do anything last week cause I felt like death. Hopefully you are a little more productive than I am. Just think that the next couple of days will be butt kicker but after that you will have to throw yourself an awesome “it’s the weekend” party!!!

  3. If I were being real I would tell you that fear sometimes kicks me in the bottom. I’d tell you that I put walls around my heart so it won’t get broken. I’d tell you how the love I have for my children takes my breath away. I’d also tell you how blessed I am to have a relationship with Jesus so I can take all these things to Him, good and bad. :)

  4. You got this girl!! Thursday is two days away, so start TOday!!! Fight through the sick vibes and get to the good hard working ones :) You can do it and I know you can.. you’ve BEEN doing it!

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