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reading I have two Mollie Makes magazines that I still haven’t read. *sad* I finally got two of my major projects mostly done so I am hoping to read a little tonght. I also have a Nora Roberts book by my bed that I’ve only read the first couple chapters. . . I know what I’ll be doing on vacation! 
writing Art Journaling tips for my Magazine Article! 

listening To Matt Wertz Pandora <3 

thinking About all the things people need me to do. And how I am so tired from only 4 hours of sleep. School is #1, but I have people counting on me for beautiful blog designs. Need to wipe some stuff out tonight. . . I knew I bought that red bull for a reason. 

smelling  Beautiful fall air! Well… I would be if I was outside. Right now I’m smelling lunch. lol 

wishing I was on my anniversary vacation. 3 more weeks baby! 

hoping That my teacher gives me a good grade. Because I worked reallyyyy hard on that project! 

wearing  Ta-Da! I’m loving this new sweater I just got at target! Its an even cuter blue in person. And look at me smilin’ even though I’ve been in this lab for 7 hours within the past 24hrs. #smh
loving The Amazing weather we are having!!! And I’m so sorry for my Eastern friends & family. Been praying for you, and still doing so! 

wanting Sleep. But since that’s not an option, I’d like a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

needing This chic in the lab to CHILL OUT! Poor Lab Assistant. He’s not a tutor lady! 

feeling Sleepy. But hoping this protein wrap and almonds will help that. 

clicking pinterest. In light of conversations and decisions that have been made, I wanted to rearrange my pinterest boards to make a few things easier for me to find when the right time comes along. Sorry to anyone who got taken over with my repins!
That was fun wasn’t it!? :) I got this cute “Currently” from 53blonde.com 
 Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

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