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  I need a morning running buddy. Someone to make me wake up and go for a short run (20-30min) every morning.  *hey hubs, lets go to bed earlier so we can go running!*  Cuz this girls gotta get back into shape!!

 I am really a bad blogger this week. :( I am sorry guys. I am so swamped. Gah.

 On the up side I have some cool news for you guys!

 As you may have seen me talk about before… for one of my classes I am creating a full magazine. Right now I have hit the point where I need to create 8 4×5″ ads. Andddd I want to help my bloggy friends out! Do you have an online shop that you own? Would you like a FREE ad created for you? Let me know, because if you do, I will make one for you! And you’ll get it like… in a week or two. :) Free ad? Yes. You heard right. :)

 Can’t wait to show you all the magazine I’ve been working on. Its really fun and crafty, so I know my bloggy gals will love it!

 I hope your all having a lovely week! I miss chatting with you all! If you’ve had something awesome happen on your blog recently, leave me a comment with a link so I can check it out. :)

 Happy Tuesday!

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  1. omg… you need my pups then!! They’re great running buddies and seriously are on it like clockwork… waiting at the door whining and all!

    you’ll get err done.. you’re a “get err done kinda gal!”

    xo, Bev

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