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Wanna see a project I finished late last night for my class this afternoon? We’re working the whole semester (for that class) on a movie trilogy, and I picked Toy Story! *big surprise there eh?*  I’m a big kid, what can I say?
For the first project we had to create a movie poster. Now.. before you judge, keep in mind… I’m really bad at Photoshop! :( yikes. Bad. I know. I’m working on it!! And I’m taking another Photoshop class in the Spring, so I’ll be pro soon!

Final Movie Poster

So, not my best work, but this was a lot of fun! Even though I wanted to throw my computer out the window, or just totally get rid of Photoshop, those cute little characters kept me going!
Who is your favorite Toy Story character? Did I get him/her in the poster? My favorite… probably Mr. Potato Head. :)) And Rex. And I really think the new characters from Toy Story 3 are adorable!! Including Trixie and Buttercup. <33
And since this post is definitely more kiddish… I will leave you with a video that will make you laugh so hard you cry. At least .. it did me.

Happy Tuesday! <3

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  1. that is TOO cute… love how you captured all their eyeballs!!

    You’re far ahead of ME in Photoshop if it makes ya feel any better!! I think it looks superb!

    xo, Bev

  2. You are not bad at Photoshop – that looks great! My favorites would be Woody and the little alien guys (do they have names??).
    Nice new blog design, btw! You’re so talented. :)

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