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Unlucky 13


(Ignore the mess that is my desk… but admire my yummy strawberry pear juice!!)

Happy Tuesday Afternoon!! Did you &/or your significant other get the day off work today? Mine didn’t. Bummer… Rumor is that he might get off early though!!

Right now, I’m sneaking in a quick blog *because I’m addicted to blogging* before I run off to fold towels, make the bed, and run back out the door to the fireworks booth! Woohoo! Everyone come buy fireworks from us! :))

So, I have a question for YOU. Do you have mis-matching socks? Of course you do, everyone does, right? Two or three are missing their partner. It’s a sad day because its usually a pair that is super cute!

Okay, so I think something must be wrong with my house because I am missing… not two or three. . . 13 SOCKS!?!?




Yes, these are the lonely depressed socks that are missing their partners. :( How does this happen? I feel like a looser. How do I mis-place 13 socks? I mean… its not like I wear them out of the house! Look at the cute grey ones with cupcakes (from one of my besties) or the adorable pink ones with the deer on them, and the yellow argyle one, or the blue and white tye-dye one… Missing socks, please return to your designated drawer. Thank you!!

So yeah… now that you think I am completely weird…

I went and bought a BIG BOX of Mason Jars! *happy dance!* Pint size- 12 pack. :)) I am going to make yummy angel food parfaits that I saw this morning on Sew Caroline’s Blog.



Aren’t they so super adorable!? I just feel bad that lovely Caroline got featured on my blog the day I decided to share with you my crazy sock conundrum… *oops*

Happy Tuesday!! Be on the look out for a lovely red-white-and-blue Pinterest link up post tomorrow! That is, if you’re at your computer. :)) I’m planning on sleeping in with hubs, maybe swimming, and lots of food and fireworks!! Yahoo!!

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  1. Yes, I am totally jealous of anyone that gets to spend a *free* extra day with their spouses tomorrow for the holiday. Unfortunately, my hubby will be at work all day.

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